What’s the meaning of the upside down pineapple trend on TikTok?

Yasmine Leung

The upside down pineapple hashtag has over 41.5 million views on TikTok, but there’s still people who aren’t familiar with the term. Just a heads up: it has nothing to do with food.

No, the meaning of upside down pineapple on social media is not the delicious pineapple upside down cake that you’re probably thinking.

There’s so many new terms coming out from TikTok that one day off the platform means a whole load of catching up, particularly since they’re never what we expect them to be.

Heard of mormon soaking before? It’s not about mormons taking a bath, trust me.

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The meaning of upside down pineapple

Pineapples are historically recognised as a symbolism of friendship and hospitality; they were an edible invitation as families would hang the fruit outside their homes to perfume their entrance and welcome guests.

Now, the common meaning is when pineapples are placed on a mail box or porch by swingers to signify that a swinger party is in session.

The pineapple is turned upside down when a person in search of a swinger party.

A swinger, according to Urban Dictionary – the bible of internet slang – is a person who sleeps or dates multiple people at the same time. Similarly, a swinger party is when people get drunk and have group sex.

How to find a swinger in public

The upside down pineapple hashtag is often seen with #swingerlifestyle, making it a way for swinger individuals or couples to identify each other on the platform.

Users have made videos teaching how to find swingers in the grocery store – if they have an upside down pineapple in their cart, you’ve found them.

It doesn’t have to be an actual pineapple though: as long as they’re wearing or own something with the flipped fruit, such as a T-shirt, it still carries the same meaning.

TikTok users get mistaken for a swinger

Those who had no clue about the connotations have been questioned whether they’re a swinger because of their pineapple, or pineapple-looking merch.

One user had a PopSocket that looked like an upside down pineapple, but it was actually a hedgehog that was accidentally turned the wrong way.

Another joked about getting her pineapple tattoo removed after the trend blew up.

The lesson is: watch how you place your pineapples from now on!