The music in a film or TV show can often make or break the final product and for Netflix’s newest Western, The Harder They Fall, music plays a key role.

Directed by Jeymes Samuel, the film is packed with songs that help to add just the right feeling to each scene and to underscore the movie’s badass action set pieces.

But just which songs feature in the soundtrack of The Harder They Fall?

The Harder They Fall | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Harder They Fall | Official Trailer | Netflix

The Harder They Fall release date and plot

The Harder They Fall arrived on Netflix with a bang on November 3rd, 2021 as it follows Nat Love and his gang of outlaws as they discover that their notorious rival, Rufus Buck, is being released from prison.

Nat and his gang, which comprises of former love Stagecoach Mary and his two lieutenants, Bill Pickett and Jim Beckwourth, set out on a quest for vengeance.

However, their mission will not be an easy one as Rufus has his own dangerous allies in the form of Trudy Smith and Cherokee Bill, setting up a deadly showdown.


The Harder They Fall soundtrack

Music plays a key part in The Harder They Fall and the film utilises a number of original and licensed songs throughout.

To coincide with the film’s release, the soundtrack album for The Harder They Fall has been released on music streaming sites such as Spotify and Apple Music.

Cast members discuss The Harder They Fall’s music

It is clear to see that music is weaved throughout The Harder They Fall’s plot and according to a number of the film’s cast, that is the work of writer and director Jeymes Samuel.

“The whole story is being driven by music,” explained Regina King in a Netflix press release. “He’s actually designing the shots to the music. Writing the words with a rhythm in his head.”

Co-star Zazie Beetz added to that by saying: “All of the songs are written into the script, and timed out with the dialogue and camera movement, and so the beat is the pace of this movie.”

“I love being on set with Jeymes, as he’s playing beautiful songs that we all know and love, and people
get to dance and have a feeling of community,” explained LaKeith Stanfield. “That’s something I’m not really used to,
but I love it.”


The Harder They Fall is available to stream now on Netflix after releasing on November 3rd, 2021.

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