Adult content star Lily Cade was recently cited in a BBC article surrounding an experience that she claimed to have with a trans woman in the industry.

However, the adult actress has caused uproar online following social media claims of abuse and sexual assault within the adult industry and a personal online website named that explicitly called for the ‘cancellation’ of trans woman alongside severe hate speech and transphobia.

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Adult star causes uproar after BBC article

A recent BBC article by journalist Caroline Lowbridge interviewed lesbians on their reported experiences surrounding the pressure to accept transgender women as partners.

The story attempts to question whether a lesbian is transphobic for not wanting to have sexual intercourse with transgender women, also speaking to members of the trans community who are concerned about the issue.

Within the piece, Lowbridge spoke to Lily Cade, an adult content star who worked in the industry for 10 years and only ever had intercourse with other women.

Lily explained that she was previously asked to do a scene with a transgender p*rnography actress named Drew DeVeaux and initially agreed after looking at photos of her.

However, the content creator reportedly backed out in advance after discovering online that Drew was a transgender woman.

Now, following Lily’s feature in the article and her comments, sections of the online community have questions Lily’s involvement in the article having identified various claims of sexual assault against Lily on Twitter.

@christapeterso also shared a collection of screenshots on Twitter – which we can not embed here – that detail the various claims.

According to a unverified Wikileaks article in November 2017, Lily also admitted to sexual assault with an apology that included “I feel ashamed now, I thought that that girls went along with me because they enjoyed it, but they did it because they felt like they couldn’t say no”. The apology finished with a footnote pointing towards a Lily Cade email noting to get in touch “if you have been harmed by me and wanted to talk about it”. You can read the full article here.

Screenshots taken from Lily Cade’s website were also uploaded to Twitter, displaying disturbing messages regarding the trans community and included lines such as “trans woman are predators”. The online community is currently attempting to report the website for breaking guidelines of hate speech and incitement to violence while directly targeting BBC to question why Lily was used at the centre of the interview.

Who is Lily Cade?

36-year-old Lily Cade was born on January 25th, 1985, in Los Angeles, United States.

The adult film actress is known for adult movies and TV shows such as Prison Lesbians and MORE.

According to the BBC, Cade was referred to as “P*rn Valley’s Gold Star Lesbian” since she only ever had intercourse with other women.

Lily Cade’s IMDb describes her as a 5’6″ tall redhead.

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The artist briefly lived on a farm in Kentucky and worked as a dominatrix while attending The California Institute of Technology for two years and graduated from USC Film School.

Cade reportedly met her wife Sten Cade in college, becoming a couple in 2005 and later married in September 2008.

With a privatised Instagram account named @lily__cade, Cade can also be found on her Facebook page.

Cade responds to the article backlash

Lily Cade has since spoken about the BBC article in an uncategorised post on her website which was titled ‘About That BBC Article’.

Cade confirms that she was asked about a moment of history that she passed through, this being was her sole contribution to the article.

The actress also stated that she believes the journalist had an interest in shining a light on this conversation and the effects it is having on the way people are treating each other.

She also refers to herself at the time of the experience as the “Cotton Ceiling”, the phrase intended to represent the difficulty some trans women feel they face when seeking relationships or sex.

Lily later explains her experience with the trans community having bullied lesbian women for years.

Before questioning America’s bravery, Lily finalises her response with the statement:

“I deserve no pity. I ask for no forgiveness. I pity no man, and I do not pity any of you.”

At the time of writing, Lily has not directly addressed any of the only claims of abuse to HITC.

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