Only two days into the beginning of No Nut November, the majority of partakers seemed to have given up on the test.

Instead, people are deciding to participate in another funny internet challenge named Nonstop Nut November.

What is Nonstop Nut November? Check out 13 Twitter memes that will leave you in stitches.

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What is Nonstop Nut November?

Nonstop Nut November is an alternative challenge that will appeal to those who can’t handle No Nut November.

While No Nut November challenges participants to annually resist both sex and masturbation until December, the Nonstop version requires quite the opposite.

An Urban Dictionary definition of the term states that a man must ejaculate, aka bust a nut, at least three times a day throughout the entire month of November.

Completion of No Nut November is supposedly a sign of willpower and strength. Does this perhaps mean that Nonstop Nut November participants are weak?

13 memes that will leave you in stitches

Twitter soon hopped onto the Nonstop Nut November trend with hilarious memes.

Users jokingly confirmed that they will complete the challenge for the betterment of mankind.

It is clear that some are eager to participate in the test.

Many suggested that the completion of this challenge will improve your arm strength. Well, the strength of one arm.

Many people set themselves up for defeat when attempting No Nut November.

More hilarious Twitter jokes

Not all Nonstop Nut November content is entirely inappropriate…

A Twitter user named @NachoEverydayYT shares a different nut with the timeline on each day of November.

Others even suggested an alternate challenge, No Negativity November.

Amongst the jokes, people with nut allergies are terrified of Nonstop Nut November.

The alternate internet challenge even began trending online…

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