The release date and start time for Apex Legends season 11 is around the bend and EA has shared the patch notes and information about its exciting new map.

Fans of Titanfall 2 are extremely giddy about the forthcoming version because of Ash. She is the new character joining the game’s stacked roster, and she’s a former scientist who was a boss fight in Titanfall 2.

While the arrival of Dr. Ashleigh Reid is fantastic, there’s plenty else to look forward to with Escape.

Apex Legends | Ash Character Trailer

Apex Legends | Ash Character Trailer

When does the new Apex Legends season start?

The release date for Apex Legends season 11 is November 2nd and its likely start time is 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 17:00 GMT.

None of these hours have been confirmed, but it’s when events and new versions always come out. Either way, we know that the new version definitely comes out on November 2nd so make sure you’re ready.

Escape map

The new map for Escape is called Storm Point. It’s a beautiful island surrounded by shiny blue waves, and it’s the perfect getaway from the brutally cold winds and dark afternoons of reality.

Although the island is beautiful, it is not a holiday resort where you can bask in the sun all willy nilly. This is because the island is infested with dangers such as venomous spiders, wild prowlers, and thunderous storms.

It also comes with Gravity Cannons that will shoot you far across sandy beaches to get you closer to points of interest quicker. Oh, and there’s flying beasties that will pick you up for a lift, too.

The new map also comes with the following rewards:

Smart Loot Drops:

  • On death, Prowlers and Spiders have a chance to drop attachments and ammo for your squad based on your weapon loadouts, in addition to a few consumables and other goodies.

EVO Points:

  • A small percentage of all damage dealt to wildlife is rewarded towards your EVO Armor. This includes Flyers

Crafting Materials:

  • Clearing a Nest rewards a lump of crafting materials which are divided evenly among each squad member in the nest at time of completion.

Check out EA’s blog for more information.

Apex Legends season 11 patch notes

The Apex Legends season 11 patch notes share information about Escape’s new weapon and changes to Ranked Battle Royale.

EA and Resawn Entertainment’s new weapon is called C.A.R. SMG. It’s a submachine gun that accepts either heavy or light mags.

Of course, there will also be a new battle pass full of rewards that are yet to be revealed. You will need to complete daily challenges and objectives to get these goodies.

As for RP differences, EA has listed the below:

  • Kill RP values now take differences between killer/victim Ranked tiers into account.
  • The kill RP cap (as we have traditionally thought about it up to this point) is effectively being raised from six to seven. However, this kill-related RP cap can be reached in different ways, depending on tier differences and placement. Placement is still paramount, and you still must place first to have a chance at max total RP.

Here is the full set of patch notes.