BTS V has given fans a ‘Rockstar’ era look for 2022’s Season’s Greetings with neck tattoos causing a full-blown Twitter frenzy. So far, Big Hit Music has revealed two different looks of the Grammy-nominated music group and ARMY can’t wait for the Rockstar Punk era Season’s Greetings in the new year.

BTS released a short snippet of 2022’s Season’s Greetings on October 31 where Bangtan appears as ‘Star Turned Villains.’ In the preview of Season’s Greetings, Namjoon, aka RM, is a ‘genius scientist’ or ‘weirdo’, Jin is ‘Shadow Hacker,’ while Suga is a ‘Gray Pianist.’

Jhope introduces himself as ‘Mystic Strategist,’ Jimin is an ‘Alley Cat’ and V calls himself a ‘Fate Reader,’ who boldly claims to be the one who can help change your fate. Biker Jeon Jungkook is an ‘action taker,’ who has the knack for doing everything flawlessly.

BTS V’s ‘Rockstar Era’ look for 2022’s Season Greetings explored

BTS V’ channeled his ‘Rockstar Era’ look with playful neck tattoos, faux lip piercing, and face inks that say ‘LOVE’ and the sign x_x drawn over his left cheek. His Black Distressed R13 Sweater coupled with distressed denim completed the Punkstar era vibe.

Kim Taehyung causes Twitter frenzy with new Rockstar Punk era look

Fans swooned over the latest Punk vibe of the 26-year-old ‘Sweet Night’ crooner, praising how the K-pop icon can carry each and every look flawlessly.

A fan gushed, “Kim Taehyung with piercing tattoos all rockstar is a total love shot in my heart every day more falling for you beautiful thing!”

Another fan chimed in echoing, “rockstar Taehyung-ie hot af!”

“Kim Taehyung as FATE READER V, Rockstar Taehyung and an ethereal beauty Kim Taehyung, He really be eating all concepts given!” wrote another fan.

BTS V was recently spotted on a museum date with Bangtan groupmate Jhope, exploring ‘Leeum, Samsung Museum of Art.’

V and Jhope share a precious bond, said fans, who couldn’t get enough of the artsy snaps. Check out all the pictures below.

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