In the latest edition of K-pop dating rumors, NCT’s Jungwoo and Aespa’s Karina have been linked to have a ‘connection,’ one of Korea’s Social Media site ‘Pann’ users have commented. Here’s all the ‘proof’ that Pann users found and the relationship rumor of the SM Entertainment artists explained.

For the unversed, the two SM artists were linked based on their social media posts and particular usages of words, same choice of music, social media posts and a few more coincidences. Pann users even found ITZY Ryujin’s growing friendship with Karina can be a result of the duo allegedly dating. Read below to know the full scoop.

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NCT Jungwoo and Aespa Karina’s dating rumor explained

K-pop dating rumors regarding various popular artists are a common thing in social media platforms. But recently, on October 29, posts regarding NCT Jungwoo and Aespa Karina suddenly started getting attention after the netizens found out some uncanny semblances and hinted that the two might be dating.

Here’s what Pann users pointed out as ‘proof’ of the alleged dating.

Same recommended playlist

Pann users pointed out that both Jungwoo and Karina kept recommending same songs. From Cosmic Boy’s ‘Can I Love?’,  AURA ‘s ‘JUNNY,’  ‘Jam & Butterfly’ of DPR Live to Surrender’s (feat. Lyn) ‘Chancellor,’ ‘Let’s Go Picnic’ by George and more, check all the same songs that the duo shared here.

Use of same acronym, same signs and more

Along with same playlist, Korean netizens pointed out that both Jungwoo and Karina have used same acronyms like “별다줄 [Byul-Da-Juj] (별 걸 다 줄인다 People keep shortening/shortening things) and 오저치고 [Oh-Jeo-Chi-Go] (오늘 저녁(에) 치킨 고 -> Let’s eat fried chicken tonight),” A Korean media report pointed out.

Moreover, the ‘suspicion’ grew when a sign “>_0” that Karina frequently uses on fan app ‘Bubble’ was used in an NCT 127 post of Jungwoo’s selfie.

Similar Social media posts

Pann users also mentioned how both Karina and Jungwoo have shared similar social media posts like posting a snap of sky on a same day. On the day of Jungwoo eating pizza teaser was released, users pointed out that Karina posted a picture of eating pizza too.

Friendship with ITZY Ryujin

Social media users even went as far as to claim that the friendship between ITZY Ryujin and Karina can be from the fact that an NCT member has introduced the duo. For more context, in the past, NCT’s Haechan and Ryujin were rumored to be seeing each other. So netizens have connected the dots.

However, in both of the cases, there has been no official statement of confirmation from the music label.

Fans react to Karina and Jungwoo dating rumor

Along with posts alleging that Karina and Jungwoo are allegedly dating, there have been multiple posts refuting the claims. Check here to read how fans have debunked the dating rumors.

A fan wrote, “the jungwoo karina dating rumors are so funny to me….”

Another added, “bro why tf kpop stans are so weird, like karina said she liked a song after 6 months jungwoo said he liked that same song and they already think they’re dating b**ch pls”

SM Entertainment has not responded to the dating rumor yet.

What are your thoughts on Karina and Jungwoo dating rumors? Let us know @HITCculture. Stream Aespa and NCT’s music below.

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