Lil Huddy recently posted a TikTok showing off his Halloween 2021 look and the social media star dressed up as Joker.

From Kourtney Kardashian to Joey King, celebrities are already gearing up for Halloween 2021. The latest celeb to post his spooky look over the Halloweekend was Lil Huddy, aka Chase Hudson.

Lil Huddy looks spooky dressed as Joker

The TikToker posted two videos that saw him in the Joker avatar.

We think that Lil Huddy makes a convincing Joker. Right from getting the pop culture villain’s costume right to his spooky makeup, everything was great.

The singer donned the costume from Joker’s cartoon version, which is similar to what Heath Ledger wore in the Batman movies.

The clip sees Chase lip-syncing to dialogues between Joker and Harley Quinn but in Jared Leto’s voice.

While everything about Lil Huddy’s Halloween avatar was on point, we couldn’t get on board with the acting and lip-syncing part. That was spooky!

Everything off about Chase’s rendition of the DC villain

The camera angles in Lil Huddy’s Tiktok were very off and there was no acting whatsoever. While the character of Joker is known for his eccentric look and behaviour, the TikToker only went as far as getting the eccentric look.

As soon as the good part of the dialogue shows up, the singer moves away from the camera. He also seems unaware of the upcoming dialogue, thus missing it.

We understand that although TikTokers make short videos and aren’t professional performers or actors, they are still putting up a performance. However, more often than not, they don’t bother enough to at least get the basics right.

Moreover, this kind of video is not the one you wanna get wrong, because the DC fandom will come for you. All it takes is some good practice attempts to get the lip-syncing and expressions right.

Fans react to the TikToker’s Joker look

While many fans thought that the 19-year-old made a convincing Joker, others couldn’t help but critique his performance.

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