TikTok has a new trend going viral every week and the latest happens to be the ‘Im Off These MF Drugs’ one.

Otherwise known as the “FYOTP dance trend”, it sees creators posting dancing videos of themselves to a song that has been going viral along with the TikToks.

What is the ‘Im Off These MF Drugs Tiktok’ trend?

The trend sees users play the viral song of the video while a friend accompanies them. As the beat drops and the lyrics “Let me f**k you off this mothеrf***in’ Perc’, b***h” plays, you turn around and break into a move.

While it can be done alone, it is more fun to do with a friend. A group of friends would be even better!

The most common move done by most users is the one where they move their hips from side to side. However, you can choose any dance routine that matches the song’s beat.

The open-ended trend provides a lot of room for creativity.

What’s the song in the viral videos?

The viral song behind these TikTok dance videos is called FYOTP, made by the music group Too Much. Let us warn you, the lyrics of the song are as explicit as they can get.

The song was released in 2020. Its music video has acquired over 100,000 on YouTube and features a considerable amount of nudity.

Some of the other explicit lyrics in the song are mentioned below:

Can’t let a n***a get the ups on me, I gotta buck back
She say, “Period, pooh, you know that gangsta s**t, I love that”
“Let’s go in your house, I wanna f**k to your one rap”
I up d**k, she whisper in my ear like”

Users react to the FYOTP dance trend

This trend is yet to hit the popularity levels of the other dance trends, but TikTok users seem to be enjoying this new one already. One of its best renditions has been made by Shameless actress, Emma Rose Kenney.


@loganbinstock @christianweissmann @briellebarbusca1 @jaydeemory

♬ Fyotp – TooMuch

Here are some other notable comments about the new trend.

Some users were not a fan of the song.

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