While American football player Patrick Mahomes maintains a low profile outside of the field, his brother is quite the opposite.

Jackson Mahomes’ social media presence contains fun content such as trends and TikTok dances and the user has recently attempted to get his brother involved.

Fans are now suddenly worried about Patrick’s well being following a seemingly sad feature in his brother’s TikTok videos.

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Patrick Mahomes looks so sad in his brother’s TikTok

Back in June, @jacksonmahomes shared a TikTok video filming himself, Brittany Matthews and his brother, the professional quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

As the group were sat outside of a bar/restaurant, they joyfully danced and sang to popular TikTok songs while Patrick hung back with a somewhat miserable appearance.

In another video, you can spot Patrick simply trying to mind his own business and eat his food while his fiance and brother take part in a TikTok duet.

Why does Patrick look so sad?

Twitter worries about the football player

While some supporters took to Twitter to express their concerns surrounding the well-being of Patrick Mahomes, others purely used the platform to roast the player.

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Many found the contrasting vibes in the video very amusing.

Digital media company Barstool Sports even reacted to the video, implying that Pat Mahomes is not in the most positive place.

Some even jokingly suggest that Patrick sold his soul to the devil to begin his career.

Therefore, following his Super Bowl win, he could now be suffering the consequences.

Meet Jackson Mahomes on social media

Jackson Mahomes is reportedly 21 years old, born on 15 May 2000.

His loud presence on social media differs greatly from that of his brother’s, which many supporters find entertaining.

@jacksonmahomes often praises Patrick for his successes online.

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Known for his enthusiasm and performance ability, Twitter fans joke that Jackson Mahomes would maintain his pleasant act around his brother even during hard times.

Some suggest that Patrick has secretly had enough with his brother’s TikTok videos and will eventually give up participating altogether.

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