An OnlyFans model, who is also a mother of two, has expressed disappointment in her kid’s school after she was banned from volunteering because of her account on the adult site. Victoria Triece had reportedly volunteered at Sand Lake Elementary for five years.

Victoria, who also goes by the name “Snooks”, was told she was no longer welcome on the campus after someone sent pictures from her OnlyFans to the school’s administrators.

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Who is Victoria Triece?

Victoria is an Instagram and OnlyFans model. She has two children aged 5 and 10.

She goes by the name “Snooks” on all social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

Victoria has more than 122,000 followers on Instagram. Her account mainly consists of NSFW content.

Meanwhile, her 850 posts on OnlyFans have clocked more than 177,000 likes.

None of her social media accounts show any details about her personal life or her two children.

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OnlyFans model Snooks vents on Twitter

Victoria took to Twitter to share her frustration about being banned from volunteering at her kid’s school due to her choice of profession.

The mother of two has a private OnlyFans account and the images sent to the school were from paid content.

She tweeted, “the way someone took paid content from my onlyfans and sent it into my children’s school is so cruel. you don’t have to like what i do or agree with it but to do something this extreme is just downright wrong.”

“And if you want to see the email that was sent about me or hear the story about how i currently am not allowed around children in the school building because of this email, it’s all over the news right now,” her following tweet read.

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Mother plans on suing the school district for $1 million.

Victoria’s attorney, Mark NeJame, told WESH they are planning to sue the school district for at least $1 million

Talking about the alleged incident, the attorney said, “What authoritarian mentality allows somebody to point a discriminating finger at somebody and say we don’t approve of you and you can’t be around children. That becomes frightening”

Meanwhile, Victoria, who shared a “great relationship” with other parents and students, said she was “humiliated.”

“I should not, and no one else should be concerned about what another parent does,” she concluded.