Yung Miami has once again sparked rumors with Diddy after name-dropping the ‘Bad Boy For Life’ rapper in her smokey new single, ‘Rap Freaks.’ Along with Diddy, the ‘City Girls’ star has mentioned Funkflex, Moneybagg Yo, Lil Durk, India, Tom Brady and more.

The lyrics about Diddy is particularly gaining attention on social media.

Miami rapped in the track: “I’m real pretty and siddity, took a jet to a private island on a date with Diddy!”

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Yung Miami name drops Diddy in ‘Rap Freaks,’ lyrics explored

Yung Miami’s ‘Rap Freaks’ lyrics, especially the bit on ‘Diddy,’ has Twitter cracking up. Miami brings up the infamous ‘cockroach‘ reference and raps, “I like bad boys, no ho s**t, Diddy let me put it in your face like them roaches (Like that).

“And put your rich ass to sleep, buenas noches (Goodnight, n****, hahaha, night, night, haha),” she says before going to the outro.

While Yung Miami and Diddy’s dating rumors have erupted on the Internet more than once, especially with Miami uploading the ‘now deleted‘ clip of sitting on someone’s lap that looked like Diddy, netizens are wondering if this is an official confirmation of the rappers’ brewing romance.

Listen to the song below.

Twitter reacts to Yung Miami name-dropping ‘Diddy’

Some Twitter users have labelled Miami name-dropping Diddy as a clever ‘marketing technique,’ while others found the roaches reference hilarious.

A user posted, “btw Yung Miami said that because diddy tweeted about how he woke up with 15 roaches on his face and she said “imma put yo rich a** to sleep, Buenas Noches” as in “good night” as funny as it is. it’s kinda smart y’all.”

Another wrote, “Yung Miami got Megan Thee Stallion cacklin cause she rhymed “roaches” with “Buenas Noches” on her solo single #RapFreaks

“Yung Miami rhymed “roaches” with “Buenas Noches”. That alone got me questioning everything,” tweeted a third user.

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