Following Facebook’s rebranding to Meta, some people have likened the company’s online world metaverse to the sci-fi novel ‘Snow Crash’.

Here’s the reference between the novel and Facebook’s virtual reality world metaverse explored.

Facebook reveals the Metaverse

On Thursday (October 28th), Facebook has confirmed that the company’s name has been changed to Meta.

The move is part of Facebook’s plans to expand their brand beyond social media and create a “metaverse” that connects people through VR, aka virtual reality.

Mark Zuckerberg said that the metaverse will be a virtual online world where people can get together, work, communicate and play games from the comfort of their homes.

The metaverse has been likened to the sci-fi novel ‘Snow Crash’ but why is that?

Mark Zuckerberg CNET on YouTube

What is ‘Snow Crash’?

‘Snow Crash’ is a science-fiction novel written by Neal Stephenson and published in 1992.

The term ‘metaverse’, which has been coined by the author, is a virtual reality space which uses internet and augmented reality.

In the novel, users are represented by avatars and can interact with other human beings and software agents. A software agent is a computer program that acts for a user.

Many people have likened Zuckerberg’s metaverse to the one depicted in the novel as users will be allowed to choose from avatars to represent them in the virtual world.

People react to the metaverse

It’s safe to say that many people have mixed reactions about the metaverse and how this online world might affect future generations.

“I’m actually sad about the next generations that they will don’t know what real life was,” one person commented on YouTube.

Another one wrote on Twitter: “The future is exciting.”

“This really, really feels like an episode of Black Mirror,” wrote another user, while someone else added: “They are getting ready to never let you leave your house again, unless you are in there class.”

Someone else wrote: “Some years ago I would probably be completely excited about all these possibilities, but after seeing how humans are becoming more and more detached from reality, I can only feel sad and scared about our future as a species.”

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