Logan Paul recently slapped a heckler outside a Los Angeles club, but why did the altercation occur in the first place?

The incident took place outside a Los Angeles hotspot, late on Wednesday night (Oct. 27).

LA’s Nightingale in West Hollywood hosted internet celebrities like Tana Mongeau, Bryce Hall and many more on Wednesday. Logan and his Impaulsive co-host, Mike Majlak, were among the guests to arrive.

However, soon after he reached the venue, the 26-year-old YouTuber turned boxer got into an altercation with a man.

What made Logan Paul slap the heckler outside LA club?

Logan stood in front of the nightclub when a bunch of paparazzi and autograph seekers came to him.

The internet star was constantly asked about his rumoured fight with Mike Tyson, but he decided to remain silent.

While Logan was busy ignoring the questions about his potential fight with the former pro-boxer, a man called him out saying, “Are you a p***y, or what??”

The crowd, as well as the YouTuber, were visibly shocked to hear that. As the cameras turn to the heckler, Logan is then seen following the man, who attempts to walk away.

The social media star aggressively approaches the heckler before getting in his face and pushing him. He then proceeds to slap him in the head.

Logan keeps smiling throughout the whole situation despite things getting tense. The YouTube star’s good pal, Mike, jumps in to break the altercation.

Mike, 36, pushes and shoves the heckler backwards before security jumps in and bear hugs the guy.

Mike urges Logan to calm down, and the duo waits for the valet member to fetch his Polaroid camera. After receiving the gadget, Logan walks into the club.

The YouTuber, who is visibly shaken from the incident, ends up dropping the camera on the ground.

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What happened to the heckler after the altercation?

As seen in the viral video, the heckler is escorted out of the club parking lot by security.

He was let go of and is seen storming off in the opposite direction.

At the four-minute mark in the video, the slap recipient is seen walking away when the paparazzi follow him asking about the incident. However, he doesn’t offer any insight.

The unnamed guy remained silent when asked whether he was going to press charges.

Mike Tyson’s thoughts on fighting the YouTuber explored

After the heavyweight champion made a triumphant return to boxing in 2020 to face against Roy Jones Jr., rumors stated that his next opponent could be Logan.

Speaking to Yahoo Finance about the rumoured fight, Mike recently said, “anything is possible,” and exploded into a fit of laughter.

“You’re talking to me? About taking on —” the 55-year-old cut himself off with a loud and hearty chuckle. “Maybe. I’m an old man, you know? I don’t know what I could do now.”

It’s not clear if a ‘Mike Tyson vs Logan Paul’ fight is on the horizon.

However, the YouTuber’s last match with Floyd Mayweather attracted more than one million pay-per-view purchases. The bout generated $50 million in total. (Sportico)

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