Run BTS may take a break for as long as two years and ARMY Twitter is in a frenzy trying to speculate the return of their most favorite variety show.

For the unversed, Run BTS took a break after a touching goodbye while wrapping up episode 155.

The last episode of the popular show was truly an emotional experience for both BTS and ARMY as the Grammy-nominated music group took a look back at their monumental journey on the variety show, wrote heart-touching poems, and went through hundreds of ARMY letters.

Will Run BTS take a two-year break?

Run BTS said goodbye to fans after entertaining for 155 episodes and Billboard’s longest-charting music group promised to come back soon. But, Big Hit Music did not specify an exact return date at the end of the final episode.

Now, the Behind The Scenes footage of the same episode has given some clues to when BTS ARMY can expect a return. In the footage, BTS RM, Yoongi, Hobi and Jungkook talk about their grand comeback plan.

Suga, aka Yoongi, says he wants the comeback to be like episode 1, shot against a white backdrop where they will introduce themselves. RM introduces himself as RM, 30, and JK says, ‘Jung Kook, 27.’

As Jungkook is currently 25 and RM is 28 years old, BTS ARMY speculated if it means that the variety show will take a long break and return after two whole years. Watch the video snippet below.

ARMY Twitter goes on a frenzy speculating a two-year break

BTS ARMY is not ‘ready’ for Run BTS to take a two-year break. As the show’s behind the scenes footage surfaced, ARMY speculated what the future of Run BTS will look like.

A fan theorized, “Is these two relatable…RUN BTS taking 2 years break.. Rm saying this in concert. why I am getting a bad vibe that they are soon going to military service!”

Another fan had a different theory and said, “If they are planning for a future episode, it doesn’t immediately mean that Run BTS will be gone for 2 yrs. They may be planning to recreate Episode 1 two years from now.”

A third fan summarized, “Two years without an episode of Run BTS, so basically, they’re enlisting in the military, then, aren’t they!”

BTS’ enlistment and exemption from military discussion: What we know so far

Big Hit Music has not officially released any statement regarding the official duration of the ‘Run BTS’ break.

Meanwhile, BTS’ military exemption act has been a buzzing topic in South Korea. Though Bangtan has expressed their earnest desire to serve the country by enlisting in the military, Yoon Sang Hyun, a member of the National Assembly, urged the National Defense Commission for a hearing to exempt the group from serving in the Army.

The politician argued on social media, “There was a football player who was offered an exemption by playing for just four minutes at the 2014 London Olympics. Some estimate that the economic effect of BTS amounts to 5.6 trillion won (US$47 billion) and even larger than a single Olympic Games event,” highlighting the impact of BTS not just culturally, but also economically.

The hearing for BTS’ enlistment exemption has been postponed. Read all about it here. Tell us your thoughts on Run BTS break @HITCculture

In other news, Will Run BTS take a two-year break? ARMY speculate as band plans return