Controversial Pastor Kevin Smith, accused of leading a Jamaican ‘cult’, has died in a car crash, according to reports.

So, who was Kevin Smith and what happened leading up to his death? We’re breaking down everything that you need to know.

Who was Pastor Kevin Smith?

Pastor Kevin Smith was the accused leader of a Jamaican cult that allegedly believed in human sacrifice, as per reports.

The Independent reports that Smith had been taken into custody earlier in the month, following the ‘ritualistic killing’ of two of his followers.

The same outlet states that police had entered Smith’s Montego Bay church after being tipped off to conducted human sacrifices.

Allegedly, senior members of the cult had injured and harmed several congregants as part of the ritual. Pastor Kevin Smith had reportedly asked congregants to leave their cellphones at home, though one had snuck their device in and was able to contact police after witnessing the event.

As per The Independent, two cult members were killed during the ritual, and another died during the church police raid.

Alleged leader of Jamaican Cult involved in car crash

In latest news, reports state that Pastor Kevin Smith was one of two people killed in a car crash.

On Monday (October 25th) in St Catherine, police were escorting Smith from Montego Bay to Kingston. During the escort, the incident took place.

The Independent reports that the pastor and three other members of the police team were taken to hospital as a result of the car crash. Two people were killed, including Kevin Smith.

Stephanie Lindsay, Senior Superintendent of Police, shared: “What we know is that the two suspects involved in the double murder investigation in St James were being taken to Kingston in two vehicles and being escorted by police officers. Based on the account given by the pilot vehicle, there was a crashing sound and they realised that the (other) vehicle overturned.”

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