On Instagram, new viral trends, filters and stickers pop up all the time.

The latest one sees people declaring their love for their significant other using a specific Instagram sticker.

If you want to take part in the ‘Who Are You In Love With’ trend, here’s how.

Instagram Trailer – No Comply

Instagram Trailer – No Comply

What is the ‘Who Are You In Love With’ trend?

Over the past few days, a new trend has emerged on Instagram called ‘Who Are You In Love With’.

It involves posting a cute photo with your boyfriend, girlfriend, partner or anyone else you are in love with to your Story.

On top of the photo you place a shared sticker that says ‘Who Are You In Love With’ to signify that you are taking part in the trend.

@astrida_03 Instagram highlight

How to do the viral trend

If you’ve tried to find the sticker and are a little confused, don’t worry, you’re not alone.

The ‘Who Are You In Love With’ sticker can’t actually be found on the normal sticker page.

It appears to have been created by an Instagram user called @astrida_03, and you have to head to her profile to use it.

  • In Instagram’s search bar, type @astrida_03 and click on her profile.
  • Tap the first Story highlight that says ‘Add Your Sticker’.
  • Find the one that says ‘Who Are You In Love With’. It should be the 12th Story along.
  • Tap ‘Add Yours’ and the sticker will be added to your story.
  • Now, add a photo of you and somebody you love and post it to your Instagram Story.

Alternatively, if you come across someone else who has done the trend on your Stories, you can just tap ‘Add Yours’ to take part in the trend.

People think the trend is really annoying

The ‘Who Are You In Love With’ trend has completely taken over Instagram this week and become one of October’s most viral trends.

Whilst some think it’s cute, many have been taking to Twitter to share just how annoying they think it is.

One person wrote: “If I see another ‘who are you in love with stories’ I’m dead myself.”

“Those ‘who are you in love with’ stories on Instagram have me siiiiiickkkkkkkk,” said another.

A third person added: “Everyone posting that ‘who are you in love with’ sticker on Instagram is gonna make me commit su1c1de.”