The sports drama, All American, has kicked off season 4 on The CW, and fans of the show are keen to know when this chapter will arrive on Netflix.

Premiering in October 2018 and created by April Blair, All American tells the story of a rising American football player who is recruited to Beverly Hills High, and the show is inspired by the real-life of professional player, Spencer Paysinger.

All American | Season 4 Trailer | The CW

All American | Season 4 Trailer | The CW

When will All American season 4 be on Netflix?

It is likely that All American season 4 will not arrive on Netflix until spring 2022.

Judging by season 3’s arrival on Netflix in July 2021, after premiering on The CW in January of the same year and concluding in July, we can expect season 4 to follow suit and appear on the streaming platform shortly after the season finale.

Season 4 will have a longer episode count than the show’s previous chapters, meaning that the finale could air as far as April, indicating that season 4 could arrive on Netflix within April or May.

Some fans of the show were expecting season 4 to drop on Netflix in November, only a month after season 4 premiered. However, the show usually has to conclude on its original network before it transfers to a streaming platform.

Where to watch season 4 episode 1

All American season 4 episode 1 premiered on Monday, October 25, 2021 at 8 PM ET on The CW, which will be the show’s regular slot going forward.

However, if fans missed the premiere, they can visit The CW’s website or app in order to watch the new episode, and no subscription is needed.

Season 3 recap

**Warning – Spoilers ahead**

Season 3 left many questions unanswered for fans, which puts a fair amount of weight on season 4 to resolve them.

The season’s biggest cliffhanger saw Coop being shot by Mo, who wanted to seek revenge after Tyrone’s death. The finale ended with Coop’s life on the line.

Asher’s newly discovered heart condition saw his future as a footballer off the table, and season 4 will likely pave a new path for him.

Fans will also want to know what Carrie has in store for Layla, after the former seemingly planned for Layla to disappear with her.

Additionally, season 4 will also crown the state champion, which will see Beverly High fighting to keep their title for a second year.

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