Are Lizzo and Sarah Paulson the new besties of Tinseltown? Well, that’s what fans feel after watching the two stars come together for a viral TikTok trend

The Boys singer and the American Horror Story star lip-synced to the latter’s most famous line from Season 2 of the horror series, and we couldn’t get enough of it!

Lizzo and Sarah Paulson’s Tiktok goes viral 

Lizzo shared TikToks with Sarah, in which the stars are seen lip-syncing to the dialogue “Help! He’s escaping! The killer is escaping!”

Both the videos feature the same dialogue, only enacted with different expressions. They have already garnered 9.9 million and 12 million views respectively. 

The singer left it up to fans to decide which one they liked better as she wrote in the caption, “this one?” and “or this one?”

From what we can see, fans are highly impressed by the new-formed friendship more than anything. 

Fans ship the two stars as besties

How often do we get to see our favorite artists become best friends? While we couldn’t tell if the viral TikTok was a one-time moment between Sarah and Lizzo, fans are busy putting a tag on it. 

One tweeted, “Now I’m obsessed with this friendship”

Another added, “the most random duo we never knew we needed. love.”

Another wrote, “You’re so adorable and iconic!!! I love you”

“The duo I didn’t know I wanted but absolutely needed,” opined another.

‘Killer Is Escaping’ trend on TikTok explored

Nearly a decade after Sarah’s character said the dialogue on American Horror Story, fans have made it go viral on TikTok. From common Tiktok users to Billie Eilish, everybody has taken part in the viral trend.

The trend basically sees the users either lip-sync or make a certain expression throughout the length of the sound byte.

According to The Daily Mail, the sound byte has been used more than 379,000 on TikTok, including one by the I Don’t Love You Anymore singer in October 2021.

4400 | Teaser | The CW

4400 | Teaser | The CW

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