Keemstar’s latest statement on Twitter about retiring from YouTube has sent many into a tizzy. But, the majority of them are of the opinion that the popular YouTuber isn’t going anywhere. Here’s why.

The DramaAlert host, who hasn’t revealed the reason behind his decision, has left social media users hanging and waiting for a retirement explanation video. But, fans think his claims about retirement could be bogus. 

Keemstar claims he’s retiring 

Keemstar has been active on YouTube for more than a decade. He took off on the platform in 2009 and currently boasts close to six million subscribers. 

On October 25, he shared a tweet that read: “I am retiring full statement later today.”

He shared a video a few hours later addressing people’s response to his retirement news. Keemstar says many think he’s “trolling” or it’s a “joke”, but he’s “really retiring.” The YouTuber said he will release a statement on DramaAlert detailing the same. 

In the following tweet, Keemstar wrote, “Working on my retirement explanation video that’s coming out tomorrow. Making this video is way harder than I thought it would be…. Thanks to all the fans, companies, industry peps & fellow creators reaching out with love. Tomorrow I explain all!”

Fans think the YouTuber is joking 

Like Keemstar himself noted in his video, he has spoken about quitting social media a “million times”. Even this time around, many aren’t ready to believe that he’s serious about retiring from YouTube. 

One tweeted, “I know your not retiring bro ur trolling the TL”

Another added, “keemstar’s not retiring lmao”

Adding to the above tweets one said, “Keemstar retiring is an excellent reminder that just cause u can talk, doesn’t mean you should.”

“Watch keemstar retiring to be part of his social experiment thing and he wanted to get our reaction or smth idk I have a gut feeling,” tweeted another,

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A look at controversies surrounding Keemstar

The 39-year-old YouTuber isn’t new to drama. Multiple channels belonging to Keemstar have been terminated over the years, including TheDramaAlert and FreeDramaAlert in 2014.

He was involved in a public feud with a fellow YouTuber Bashurverse and even made accusations against RSGlory AndGold. He also received a lot of backlash for what he said about the late YouTuber, Etika, and her alleged mental health issues.

While the YouTuber is infamous for a lot more drama that he’s gotten himself involved in, we can’t tell for sure if they had any role to play in his plans to retire – if those plans are actually real.

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