Gus Johnson issued a long apology on Twitter following his former girlfriend Abelina Sabrina’s video on YouTube about her struggles with Ectopic Pregnancy.

Four days ago, Abelina shared a video on her official YouTube channel, detailing her experience of pregnancy while not disclosing the name of her baby’s father. Even though Gus hasn’t named Abelina, he has addressed the “long-lasting and traumatic medical situation.”

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Gus Johnson shares his apology on Twitter 

Gus tweeted the pre-typed apology without any caption on October 25, 2021.

His note begins with “I am aware of the recent video that calls out some actions that I’m not proud of and I want to apologize.”

The YouTuber has noted that the “circumstances were extremely hard and complicated for both” of them. 

While Abelina did not mention how long ago the said incident had occurred, Gus’ apology note says, “we were young and not remotely prepared to deal with all the realities of long-lasting and traumatic medical situation.”

He said that the time he spent with Abelina in counseling and therapy made him realize his “shortcomings.”

“I fully realize that I did wrong, and wish I could change how I responded and actress during that time. I’ve grown a great deal since that happened and I wish I knew then what I know now,” he added further. 

Towards the end of the apology note, Gus revealed that he’s “stepping away” from his podcast and would be canceling all his shows for the remainder of this year and would be offering full refunds. 

Abelina Sabrina’s video explored 

In the 20-minute video, Abelina has detailed her time in the hospital and explained how her life was at risk due to her condition. 

Apparently, she got an ultrasound all by herself and the results showed that she had complications in her uterus. 

She had to undergo surgery immediately to avoid life-threatening complications. Abelina revealed that she suffered an ectopic pregnancy, due to which she lost her baby. 

The internal bleeding from a ruptured fallopian tube could have led to her “death” if it was left untreated. 

Abelina said, “They were surprised I wasn’t dead. And if I didn’t have surgery then and there I would die for sure.”

It: Chapter Two | Warner Bros. Entertainment

It: Chapter Two | Warner Bros. Entertainment

Fans react to Gus Johnson’s tweet

Twitter users and some fans of Gus are shocked to learn that Abelina’s claims were true. They have called out the YouTuber for his behavior and not being supportive of his former girlfriend during one of the toughest phases of her life.

One tweeted, “Gus Johnson tho… damn that’s unexpected. Sucks that people that are so funny Can turn out to be some of the worst people imaginable”

Another added, “Can’t sleep. Gus Johnson hurts man. Typically in these kinds of situations it doesn’t bother me because its personal issues two people have, but this one hits very different. Mostly because of his lack of empathy towards Sabrina’s literal life threatening issue.”

“Wasn’t gonna comment, but too many fans are denying the severity of this. Your actions were unconscionable. I’m disappointed in how you have, and continue to handle this. I’ll miss the podcast, but it won’t be the same. Hoping you learn/grow over the break, but it’s a long road,” tweeted another fan.