Kinetic Games has announced the release date and time for the Phasmophobia Halloween Nightmare update 2021 and its patch notes tease a new map, ghost types, and difficulty mode.

It’s been one of the scariest paranormal video games since its launch last year, and the developers have been teasing the arrival of two new ghost types. There’s already 16 in the game including demons, jinns, and yokais, but soon there will be even more terrifying spirits involved.

In addition to even more spirits to repel, the forthcoming patch will also take you camping which is never good news in horror.

Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer

Phasmophobia Announcement Trailer

What time does the Phasmophobia Halloween update 2021 come out?

The release date and time for when the Phasmophobia Halloween Nightmare update for 2021 will come out is 08:00 PT, 11:00 ET, and 16:00 BST on October 25th.

The above hours have been confirmed by the game’s official Twitter account. It will be available to play via Steam where you can buy the game for just £10.99 if you haven’t gone ghost hunting already.

Kinetic Games has released new content before, but this is arguably their biggest and most anticipated patch yet.

Phasmophobia new Nightmare update patch notes

The patch notes for the new Phasmophobia Halloween Nightmare update are as follows:

  • Nightmare Difficulty
  • 2 new ghost types
  • Difficulty Rework
  • Campsite Map
  • and much, much more…

All of the above has been shared on the game’s official Trello board.

Nightmare difficulty and ghost types

One of the most exciting new additions is the arrival of Nightmare difficulty plus two unique ghost types.

The fresh difficulty mode should make your ghost hunting endeavours even more terrifying, and you will also need to work better with your friends or colleagues to successfully cleanse buildings of demons. As for the fresh ghost types, all we’ve gotten is a teaser from the game’s Twitter account.

Names and weaknesses have been smudged out, but we know that one of them is very angry and initiates attacks. It also often interacts with the environment and evidence includes a spirit box, freezing temperatures, and EMF level five.

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