As the years go by swiftly and surely, there are many things that continue to feel eternal.

For many, that includes an obsession with 80s entertainment.

There’s something so nostalgic about going back and revisiting the cinematic classics of the decade – from Back to the Future to Predator – and some of the most beloved shows of all time emerged from the period too.

Some older audiences may remember how exciting it was to tune into the original Dynasty, which aired for 9 seasons between 1981 and 1989.

However, as more and more 80s titles were remade and rebooted throughout the 2010s while our hunger for nostalgia intensified, it was only a matter of time before Richard and Esther Shapiro’s iconic show was resurrected.

The time came in 2017 and the new series has remained at home on The CW for four seasons now.

Audiences continue to digest new episodes but hopes have already turned to the future. What do we know about Dynasty season 5 so far?

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Dynasty season 5: What we know so far

The CW announced that the series was officially renewed for a fifth season back in February 2021.

This was a few months ahead of the season 4 premiere.

Variety highlights that it was given early renewal alongside 11 other shows at the network. These include Walker, All American, Batwoman, Charmed, DC’s Legends of Tomorrow, The Flash, In The Dark, Legacies, Nancy Drew, Riverdale, and Roswell, New Mexico.

Mark Pedowitz – chairman and CEO of The CW – addressed the news and explained:

“… we wanted to get a strategic head start on next season with these early renewals, which allows our production teams to start laying out story arcs and hiring staff, and at the same time, continues to provide us with a strong, stable schedule to build on for next season.”

Little else is known about the continuation, with the plot and cast currently under wraps. However, except in the event of characters being killed off in season 4, it’s expected that the series regulars will reprise their roles moving forward.

Dynasty | Season 4 Trailer | The CW

Dynasty | Season 4 Trailer | The CW

When can we expect it?

The CW hasn’t confirmed a release date yet. However, we can offer an educated prediction based on the remainder of season 4 and the air dates of previous seasons.

Firstly, it’s imperative to acknowledge when the fourth season’s finale is expected.

The season is set to be made up of 22 episodes in total. If there is no hiatus, then the current crop of episodes will likely wrap sometime in early October 2021.

Seasons 1 to 3 all premiered in October and concluded in May. There tends to be roughly 4 – 5 months between seasons. So, taking this into consideration we may expect season 5 as early as February 2022.

This feels even more likely considering the early renewal.

Are you on Twitter?

Social media has proven a great help to audiences when it comes to staying in the loop with shows.

If you’re on Twitter then it’s certainly worth following the official Dynasty page; it currently has an impressive 83.6K followers.

Current posts are in promotion of season 4, but once that wraps it’s likely that they’ll get to work on teasing the forthcoming batch of episodes.

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