BeHaviour Interactive has announced new DBD codes for Halloween during October 2021 and the Dead By Daylight Midnight Grove event.

Chapter 21.5 comes out on October 19th and it stars original survivor Mikaela Reid instead of anyone associated with Pinhead and Hellraiser. She’s a kissed by fire lass with a passion for horror writing and witchcraft, and she also seems to have as strong a fetish for leather as Pinhead.

Her abilities will make her a great supporter, and – as she arrives – you can also get some free trick-or-treaties.

Dead by Daylight | Mikaela Reid Reveal Trailer

Dead by Daylight | Mikaela Reid Reveal Trailer

Dead By Daylight Halloween codes 2021

The new Dead by Daylight Halloween codes for DBD during October 2021 are as follows:

    • For Honor charm – expires November 11th
    • 100,000 Bloodpoints – expires October 31st
    • 1,031 Bloodpoints – expires October 31st
    • 100,000 Bloodpoints – expires October 31st
  • DBDDAYJP2021
    • 202,100 Bloodpoints – expires October 25th

In addition to the above, log into the game before October 27th to receive 200,000 free Bloodpoints. Also, logging in at anytime during the Midnight Grove event before November 4th will bag you 666,666 free Bloodpoints.

There are also the following eligible codes:

    • Dwight Crow Charm
    • Arcade Machine Charm
    • Rainbow Flag Pride Charm

Make sure to follow the game’s official Twitter account to find more keys. We will update this article with more passcodes when necessary.

These codes have been updated as of October 25th.

DBD Midnight Grove event date

The release date for the Dead by Daylight Midnight Grove event is October 21st.

This is BeHaviour Interactive’s celebration of Halloween and it will last until November 4th. We know very little about the Halloween celebration as the developers have merely uploaded a brief teaser on Twitter which just shows fog, pumpkins, and the occasion’s title.

October 2021 schedule

Below is the game’s remaining scheduled events for October 2021:

  • Hour of the Witch Chapter 21.5 release – Oct 19th
  • Tome 9 new filter release Instagram – Oct 20th
  • Halloween event – Oct 21st until Nov 4th
  • DBD Mobile community challenge – Oct 22nd until 29th
  • The Halloween Scream Stream Twitch – Oct 28th
  • New Halloween merch

Check out the game’s website for more information.

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