Fans of Monsta X got the chance to have a live Q&A with lead vocalist Kihyun on Twitter.

South Korean boyband Monsta X recently released their brand new single “One Day” and to promote the track Kihyun took over the band’s Twitter account to answer some very interesting questions.

Who is KihYun from Monsta X?

Born in Goyang, South Korea, Kihyun is one of the lead vocalists in boyband Monsta X which debuted under Starship Entertainment in 2015 through Mnet surivial show No Mercy.

He graduated from the Dong’Ah Institute of Media and Arts and has previously worked as a chef. Currently, the South Korean singer focuses on his singing career releasing solo tracks and singles with his Monsta X bandmates.

In February, Kihyun released a single for the soundtrack of the drama replay “O.M.O.M” and he received high praise for his vocal ability with Naver reporting that his voice was able to express “sweetness and softness” which complemented the drama.

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In January 2021, the star also donated 10 million to Good Neighbours which is a charity that helps low-income families in South Korea.

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Top questions and answers from Kihyun’s Twitter Q&A

HITC has rounded up the best fan questions and answers from the Twitter Q&A with Monsta X’s Kihyun. Check them out here!

One fan asked if he was coming to Brazil, and Kihyun responded: “Maybe next year..? hopefully!!!!!! #OneDaywithKIHYUN.”

While another fan asked the star: “Any fun experiences with your fans?” to which Kihyun responded: “Maybe now? #OneDaywithKIHYUN.”

Another asked: “Do you not read Korean and only read English..?#OneDaywithKIHYUN.” Kihyun responded: “Nope!!!! no!!! #OneDaywithKIHYUN.”

Monsta X’s single ‘One Day’

Interestingly, the Twitter Q&A seemed to stem from the band’s release of their track “One Day.”

In an interview with NME, Monsta X explained: “The song is in line with our own emotions, so we tried to be as genuine as possible when singing it. We pretended to be a heartbroken person and we concentrated on the mood of the song.”

The boyband continued: “Our Korean albums are very energetic and powerful, and [“One Day”] shows a different side to Monsta X.”

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