Netflix has only just launched their latest original adult animated series, Inside Job, but conspiracy-fearing fans are already desperate for season 2.

This week, Netflix released two brand new adult animated series, Adventure Beast and Inside Job.

The latter show, Inside Job, is a hilarious comedy series from Shion Takeuchi (Disenchantment) and Alex Hirsh (Gravity Falls) set in the shadow government organisation Cognito Inc.

Inside Job may have only been available to watch online for a few hours, but viewers around the world are already desperate to know what the future holds in season 2.

Inside Job | Official Trailer | Netflix

Inside Job | Official Trailer | Netflix

Has Inside Job been renewed for season 2?

Officially, an announcement concerning Inside Job season 2 has not been publicly shared; however, in April 2019, the Netflix streaming platform ordered a 20-episode run for the adult animated series.

The recently released ‘Part 1’ only launched with 10 of those 20 planned episodes, indicating that a second season of Inside Job is already being planned by Netflix Animation, Taco Gucci and Jam Filled Entertainment production companies.

The cliff-hanger ending to episode 10 also gives fans hope that Inside Job will return for season 2 after Rand Ridley was reinstated as CEO of the company by the mysterious Robe council.

This is all also in addition to the overall deal between Netflix and showrunner Shion Takeuchi that was recently announced. The streaming service signed a multi-year deal with the creator for developing “new series and other projects exclusively for Netflix.”

Netflix themselves are continuing to expand their library of adult animated content and produce a consistent stream of new titles: in the past two months alone, four new adult animated series have debuted including Q-Force, Chicago Party Aunt, Adventure Beast and now, Inside Job.

Considering they ordered 20-episodes more than two years ago and the series is one of the first ‘in-house’ productions, it’s safe to assume that the streaming giant is looking to continue Inside Job for more ridiculous adventures.

The only reason why a second season was not announced in the episode 10 finale is that Netflix will often wait several weeks after launching a new title to gauge audience reaction.

So, assuming that Inside Job is watched by enough households and rated positively by viewers, the streaming giant is highly likely to announce Inside Job season 2 soon.

This sentiment has also been shared by Takeuchi, stating on social media “If you like Inside Job and want to see more, spread the word and get your friends and family to watch!”

If Inside Job season 2 is indeed on its way, fans could expect to see a return to Cognito Inc in Summer 2022.

How is Inside Job being rated by fans?

Inside Job has only been available to stream for a few days, but the series has already received an impressive reception from both fans and critics alike.

Unfortunately, Netflix does not reveal their official viewership statistics for individual titles, but at the time of writing, the series is scoring a 7.6/10 on IMDB, 4.6/5 on Google Reviews and an 88% on Rotten Tomatoes.

The series has experienced some criticism from a minority of fans who claim Inside Job was “smart and detailed, but joyless and hollow.”

However, the vast majority of responses from viewers on social media have been excellent, with one user writing that “this is one of the new Netflix animation I’ve actually enjoyed” adding that they “haven’t laughed this much at an animation since the OG rick and Morty seasons.”

“I found occasional things to laugh at and found affection for some of the storylines late in the season. I never fully signed on and never fully stopped wincing at “Deep State” references, but there are elements to be amused by if you don’t have the same visceral reaction to the pilot.” – Daniel Feinberg, via The Hollywood Reporter.

By Tom Llewellyn – [email protected]

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