BTS ARMY ‘can’t breathe’ after witnessing Blonde haired Jungkook in Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert with piercing, tattoos, appearing in his hottest avatar. Like every BTS concert, the youngest BTS singer has taken over the Internet as fans ‘process’ the latest fit of ‘Euphoria’ crooner.

Mint blonde Jungkook appeared for BTS ‘Permission To Dance’ Sound Check on October 24th around 3 PM KST/ 2 AM ET and instantly started trending worldwide. Check out the 24-year-old Grammy-nominated stunner’s look below.

Blonde Jungkook in BTS ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ has taken over the Internet

Jeon Jungkook has once again taken over the Internet with his latest look featuring lip and eyebrow piercing and dreamy mint-blonde hair, looking ethereal. The ‘hottest’ K-pop star oomph-ed up the look sporting a mesh shirt underneath his Supreme bandana-print bomber jacket.

Minutes after the look from BTS’ ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ sound check surfaced, JK fans noted that the bomber jacket has been ‘out of stock.’

BTS ARMY reacts to 2021 Blonde Jungkook

BTS ARMY had witnessed Jungkook in blonde hair last in January 2021 when the ‘My Time’ singer sported platinum blonde for Golden Disc Awards. After months of waiting, the singer will be back in mint blonde hair performing for PTD on Stage concert.

Jungkook trended worldwide after uploading blonde selfie in 2021 (BTS_Twt)

Gushing over the latest look of Billboard charter vocalist, a fan said, “MINT PLATINUM BLONDE JUNGKOOK SINGING DISEASE WITH SPECS THE POWER!”

A second fan echoed, “minty blonde jeon Jungkook with an eyebrow piercing, a lip piercing wearing a mesh shirt… this is not real life, this must be some kind of alternative reality!”

A third fan cooed, “21.10.24 will go down in history…soundcheck PTD JUNGKOOK is superior!!”

A fourth fan summarized, “the hottest man alive Jungkook ……. BLONDE with tattoos and NEW PIERCINGS!”

Mint blonde Jungkook will be next seen in BTS ‘Permission To Dance On Stage’ concert on October 24th at 6.30 PM KST/ 5.30 AM ET. Check here to know more about the tracklist and viewing guide.

Stream Jungkook based BTS playlist below.

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