Lori Harvey has been the talk of the town for some time now. The model recently launched her skincare line SKN by LH and already her products are receiving great reviews.

The American socialite appeared on Access to promote her new skincare line recently. Lori and hosts Mario Lopez and Kit Hoover sat down to talk about the star’s new business venture.

However, the interview wasn’t all about that.

As expected the hosts asked Lori about her beau Michael B. Jordan. She also briefly spoke about her family and experience with modelling.

However, our favourite part of the interview was when the 24-year-old model spoke about the dating/relationship advice she had received from her dad.

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Steve Harvey’s incredible dating tip for Lori

We have loved Steve Harvey for his honesty and the pearls of wisdom he shares with his fans, for decades now. Hence, we can only imagine how much incredible advice he must have given to his daughter Lori.

It was Kit who brought up Steve during the conversation asking, ‘When it comes to relationships, what does he tell you?’ Yes, we were all ears too at this point, to know what does television’s ‘it’ man tells his daughter about love and relationships.

Thankfully Lori had an amazing reply to this question. The model jokingly says, “Act like a lady, think like a man was embedded in my brain, from a young age.”

The SKN by LH founder and CEO further revealed that her father always told her ‘Remember that you are the prize’ and ‘Make Them Work.’

Well said, Steve, well said!

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Act Like a lady, Think like a man

While we don’t think this advice can be useful in every situation but it is a great dating tip.

The dating game is a difficult one and more often than not it is hard to tell if a person’s intentions are right or not.

As women, we often find ourselves confused about a guy we have just started dating. But imagine how much easier things would be if we just knew how a man’s brain works.

What if we knew, how guys actually think and approach things!

This would improve our dating game ten times over and save us from unnecessary heartaches and messy situations.

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Remember that you are the prize

We believe more women need to be told this on a daily basis, but sadly not all of us have people around us, who would say it.

We have all either experienced being ill-treated in relationships ourselves or have come across stories of women in our family or friend circle who have gone through this experience.

It is hard to think ‘you are the prize’ when you are dealing with self-worth issues. It is even harder to believe that when you have been treated the opposite way, most of your life.

While Lori certainly is a confident woman with high self-worth, a major reason behind her impressive personality is that she is among the lucky few to have a great support system of family and friends around.

While most of us don’t have that, there are some steps that can help us all improve our self-worth. One of them is, build good and positive relationships around you, the other one is improving your physical health.

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