BTS V has made a ‘Vante’ comeback and the Internet is celebrating the ‘coolest’ K-pop star’s art post that has come after years. Hours after the second episode of BTS ‘In The Soop’ 2’s airing, where BTS V stunned fans showing his impressive Trumpet skills, the ‘Blue and Grey’ crooner came back with another surprise!

‘Vante’ fans were ecstatic to see the signature art form’s comeback in two distinct paintings. The attention to detail in both have garnered praise from BTS fans.

After BTS V’s latest surprise, we are taking a look at Vante art and Kim Taehyung’s art inspirations.

BTS V makes his ‘Vante’ comeback with two paintings

On October 23, BTS V posted a snap of his two new signature ‘Vante’ paintings with the caption, ‘girl & man.’ Kim Tahyung’s take on the man and girl, which feature the same outline with different background colors and minute details to indicate the two apart, received a lot of praise from fans.

One fan noted, “We noticed how the eyelash colors are interchanged amongst the two art pieces. The detailing and planning by Vante are amazing!”

Vante’s art introduces millions to a broader cultural influence

BTS V has always been a trusted source for great art recommendations to ARMY. In the latest edition, BTS V fans noticed two books on display – ‘Fernando Botero’ Ultimate Collection Book by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz and ‘ROY LICHTENSTEIN: THE IMPOSSIBLE COLLECTION’ by Avis Berman.

Kim Taehyung has been an ardent fan of Fernando Botero. He talked about it in a 2019 interview, gushing, “I love the works of Fernando Botero and Edward Hopper these days. Famous works are attractive, but there are many wonderful works even if they are unknown.

“It’s been a lot of fun to find a piece that I feel is shining within my eyes, something that’s not known to anyone.”

The interview was highlighted by K-media especially, reflecting Kim Taehyung’s rich taste in art and culture influencing millions of people worldwide.

Kim Taehyung fans demand a ‘Vante art exhibition’

Kim Taehyung fans are demanding a Vante art exhibition to see all the masterpieces together. Fans brought back snippets of BTS V expressing his wish to hold an exhibition one day.

The ‘Sweet Night’ crooner once revealed in a documentary: “Someday, I want to hold a small exhibition. Maybe when I’m in my 40s? In the far future. I think if I do, it’ll be a very…touching moment.”

Quoting his lines, a fan swooned, “We can’t wait to see you accomplish one of your dreams Taehyung. Our talented Vante everything you do is art!”

A second fan echoed, “When Taehyung said that we need to wait 20 years for his small Vante exhibition, we will wait for it!”

A third fan talked about Vante’s love for photography saying, “He is so creative.. can’t wait for the day when we get a Vante photo exhibition!”

“Something I’ve always found so endearing about Taehyung is his unadulterated and genuine love for art. He is so passionate about it and it makes me love him even more. Oh, what I would give to sit there and happily watch him pour his soul into his art,” summarized a fourth fan.

Check more of Vante’s artworks below.

Kim Taehyung recently made history with ‘Sweet Night’ on Spotify as his ‘unpromoted’ OST became the highest-streamed K-OST on the music platform.

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