South Korean reality competition Girl’s Planet 999 has aired its season finale and the winners have been announced. From 13,000 applicants, 99 final contestants were selected and split into three groups.

Only 18 contestants made it all the way to the grand finale and the members of the girl group have been revealed. But who are they and what is the name of the newly formed girl band?

Who are the top 9 winners of Girl’s Planet 999?

For the final Completion Mission, the contestants were divided into groups of 9 to perform the song “Shine.” Team 1 sung the first verse, while Team 2 sang the second verse and both teams then came together for the ending of the song. After much anticipation from fans the final 9 winners were decided and are as follows.

  1. Kim Chae Hyun (1,081,182 points)
  2. Huening Bahiyyih (923,567 points)
  3. Choi Yu Jin (915,722 points)
  4. Kim Da Yeon (885,286 points)
  5. Seo Young Eun (781,657 points)
  6. Kang Ye Seo (770,561 points)
  7. Ezaki Hikaru (713,322 points)
  8. Sakamoto Mashiro (708,149 points)
  9. Shen Xiao Ting (700,663 points)
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What is the name of the winning girl group?

Mnet announced that the Girl’s Planet 999 girl group name would be Kep1er which is pronounced ‘Kepler.’

Korea Boo reported that the name for the girl group was decided after Mnet asked viewers of Girl’s Planet 999 to submit their ideas. Kep1er was then chosen to be the winning name and reportedly combines the first syllable of ‘capture’ which symbolises the winners capturing their dreams with number 1 representing how the members will unite and become the best.

Reports suggest that the name of the girl group could also have been chosen to honour 17th century astronomer and astrologer, Johannes Kepler as he was a key scientific figure known for discovering the laws of planetary motion which connects to the ‘planet’ theme of Girls Planet 999.

Fans react to winners of Girl’s Planet 999

After the announcement of the final lineup for Kep1er on Girl’s Planet 999 fans of the show took to Twitter to share their thoughts on the winners. Check out some of the best tweets below!

One user tweeted: “Congrats to 9 amazing women!! Congrats!! We are so proud of y’all keep up the good work… Congrats to all the participants also All of them are winners.”

While another said: “Kim Chaehyun’s winning/thank you speech. This is the start of everything! Let’s do well in the future and congratulations on your debut! Here’s to more Kim Chaehyun! Our #1 winner! Seeing you crying in joy is my happiness.”

Another wrote: “Final Ranking has all flipped. Everything was so unexpected haha. But anyway, congratulations to the winners!”

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