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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has told The Manchester Evening News that he read Newcastle United winger Allan Saint-Maximin’s post on Twitter about Steve Bruce.

What’s the story?

Bruce parted company with Newcastle this week.

Following the departure, Bruce told The Telegraph how abuse from some sections of the Newcastle fans saw him and his family struggle.

Newcastle winger Saint-Maximin, a fan favourite, made an emotional post on Twitter about Bruce.

Newcastle Just Sacked Steve Bruce For… ROONEY?!

Newcastle Just Sacked Steve Bruce For… ROONEY?!

You can see the tweet below.

City manager Guardiola has today that he read the post from the 24-year-old winger – who earns £38,462 per week as salary, according to Spotrac.

The former Barcelona boss has praised Bruce.

Pep Guardiola’s comments

Guardiola told The Manchester Evening News: “I read the post on Twitter from Saint-Maximin, this for me what Steve Bruce, he is an exceptional gentleman.

“Always took care of me, I wish him all the best. I’ll tell him don’t pay much attention to the comments because it is bull****.

“Steve Bruce and all other managers want to try do the best, sometimes you win sometimes you lose, he does not have to worry.

“I’m pretty sure everyone in Newcastle, especially the players, know who Steve is. I will him well. All the best, hopefully I can see him soon.”

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Be kind

Bruce was not popular among the Newcastle fans, and some really did not like him.

We do not condone any kind of abuse.

Us football fans have to remember that managers – and players – are human beings and are trying to do their best.

Now, of course, mistakes happen with everyone.

We football fans simply have to accept it.

It will be interesting to see who eventually replaces Bruce as the permanent manager of Newcastle.

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