Lil Durk has become a hot topic of discussion on Twitter after rumors about him and India Royale breaking up surfaced online. While the rapper’s fiance shut down the speculation, a few alleged pictures of him with a transgender are making rounds on the internet, thus sparking debate among his fans.

Even though many have claimed that the man in the picture is Lil Durk, there is no evidence to prove the same. Moreover, the pictures are extremely blurry and there are chances of the images being morphed.

Lil Durk (Instagram)

Lil Durk’s alleged pictures with a transgender go viral

There is a lot being discussed about Lil Durk after some noticed that the rapper had briefly deactivated his Instagram account. Some went on to claim that his actions were the result of him being caught with a transgender.

The rumored pictures show a man walking behind someone, who is allegedly a transgender. Internet users have alleged that the person in the picture is Lil Durk because of the white shorts he’s wearing, which resembles the rapper’s outfit in another picture.

Meanwhile, the person walking in front is clad in a red dress with blonde hair.

Rumored pictures of the rapper sparks debate

Some Twitter users have expressed disappointment in the fact that people are mocking the rapper for allegedly being spotted with a transgender person.

It has led to a debate on the platform as a couple of them have pointed out that the cheating rumors wouldn’t have been a big deal if the rapper was linked with a woman. That has irked many others, who have criticized this transphobic behavior.

One tweeted, “Lot of transphobia around that Lil Durk situation. Not even really surprising considering all the sexism and homophobia that’s already there.”

Another added, “Even tho the rumors are false, yeah cheating is wrong and he should be shamed for it but not because it was with a trans woman. If Lil Durk like trans women let him like trans women, yall always tryna be hateful to the LGBT community for no reason”

Another opined, “Wanted to see why Lil Durk was trending and it was just a bunch of transphobia”

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A look at the singer’s relationship with India Royale

India and Lil Durk have been in the news a lot owing to their relationship. This isn’t the first time the couple was rumored to have broken up.

They started dating in 2017 and got engaged in 2018.

Only a month after the rapper put a ring on his girlfriend’s finger, she gave birth to their first child, a daughter, Willow Banks.

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