Digga D is clearly a fan of Netflix’s ‘Squid Game’. The rapper just dropped ‘Red Light Green Light’, channeling that high-tension scene from the series.

Directed by Teeeezy, we think that the idea for the video is genius. Keep scrolling to find out how it compares to the Korean action series.

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Watch Digga D’s Red Light Green Light video

UK drill meets Korean action drama.

Recreating the red light, green light scene from ‘Squid Game’, the rapper’s latest music video sees Digga D as the frontman with the guards stood behind him.

Take a look below:

Digga D’s MV compared to Squid Game scene

If you’ve seen the Netflix series, you’ll know that video closely resembles the characters. From the numbered tracksuits, the masks with shapes on them, and all the blood and gore, Digga D hit the nail on the head.

Putting his own spin on it, Digga D’s video sees players dressed in blue tracksuits, as opposed to the green outfits worn in ‘Squid Game’.

Just like the series, the song starts with that creepy doll song, before the players are ordered to stop at ‘red light’ and resume at ‘green light’. Sticking with the gruesome theme of ‘Squid Game’, some players are seen injured after failing to stick to the rules of the game.

One fan wrote: “Digga has been very smart with his releases, he makes music that is related to trends but puts his own twist on it.”

Another commented: “He really knows how to sell music this will go viral all because the world is all over squid game.”

Somebody else took to YouTube: “Smartest artist I know literally knows what popular right now and used that as his advantage.”

Who is Digga D?

UK rapper Digga D is notable for tracks such as ‘2k17’ and ‘Wasted’.

The drill artist is currently partway through his Made In The Pyrex Tour of the UK, which has remaining shows in Glasgow, Dublin, Birmingham, Manchester, Bristol, Cardiff and Nottingham. 

The 21-year-old is now making headlines for his ‘Squid Game’ inspired track, produced by MacMac Relax and Benji Bandz.

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

Squid Game | Official Trailer | Netflix

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