After beating Bryce Hall in the YouTube vs TikTok boxing event, it looks like Austin McBroom is preparing for a fight with KSI, or at least that’s what his Instagram story suggests.

Fans were quick to take to Twitter to discuss if the YouTubers have agreed to fight each other as early as January 2022. Many are already predicting who they think will get the win.

Austin McBroom (Instagram)

Austin McBroom teases fight with KSI

Austin took to Instagram on October 21, 2021, to share a story about a potential fight with the British YouTuber.

The boxer’s story read, “I’m playing KSI I’ll see you in January”

However, it is hard to comprehend the seriousness of this post as Austin used multiple laughing emoticons.

Moreover, KSI hasn’t addressed this post or even hinted at a possible fight with Austin as early as January. Therefore, the news remains unconfirmed until we have more information.

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Fans react to the potential fight

Even though the fight between the two YouTubers hasn’t been confirmed, fans are busy anticipating it, while trying to guess which one will have their hand raised if it did happen.

One Twitter user argued, “Austin is way faster and more athlete. Ksi will lose”

Another tweeted, “Just saw that Austin McBroom is gonna box KSI. No hate to him, but u gonna get dropped.. KSI ain’t no Bryce Hall man.”

“Now KSI really thinks that a fight with Austin McBroom, the guy from the Ace Family, who’s had one fight against Bryce Hall is gonna make him 50/50 with Jake? I’m a KSI fan but let’s be real here. A 60/40 cut would be generous and KSI has no one to blame but himself for that,” wrote another.

What has KSI previously said about Austin?

A few fans have argued that KSI might not be able to fight Austin as he will be busy with his tour.

The rapper has been actively promoting his latest album All Over the Place. Most recently, he tweeted about being nominated for Best UK & Ireland Act in the 2021 MTV EMA Awards.

While we await KSI’s response to Austin’s latest post, the rapper has previously expressed an interest to fight him.

He said in a YouTube video about two months ago: “For me to fight Austin, I feel like I need to fight him right now to show Jake [Paul] how much I’ve improved. I need to strike fear into him because if I go and fight Jake right now, he has all the leverage and he can say ‘I’m the A-Side,’ this and that.”

A fight between KSI and Austin could well be in the works, but it’s unlikely that it will happen as early as January.

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