Demi Lovato has been vocal about their transformation and fans have supported them for the same. However, the son of the former POTUS, Donald Trump Jr., has received a lot of backlash for making fun of the singer.

The executive vice president of the Trump Organization thought sharing his opinion about Demi’s present look might make one laugh, but his Instagram post seems to have backfired.

‘Everything turns to s**t’ – Donald Trump Jr. (Instagram)

Donald Trump Jr. mocks Demi Lovato

Trump Jr.’s Instagram is famous for posting memes that openly mock President Joe Biden.

He has shared several posts about other celebrities as well. However, the one about Demi Lovato seems to have been done in poor taste as he is facing the wrath of many people on the platform.

On October 20, he shared a before and after picture of Demi with the caption, “A wise man once said…”

The overlay text on the picture read, “Everything woke turns to s**t”

Former President’s son slammed for IG post

The post has since gone viral having clocked over 400,000 likes. It is also flooded with comments as people have expressed their opinions.

Most of them have slammed Trump Jr. for trying to humiliate and disrespect the celebrity.

While one Instagram user commented, “What the hell is going on in the world? I mean come on!!”

Another wrote, “While I agree I think this is poor taste and won’t win over people into your argument.”

Another irked fan commented, “Says the man with an underbite he hides with a beard and no discernable talent. This woman you mock has the voice of an angel.”

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The singer hasn’t responded

Demi is yet to respond to Trump Jr.’s post. Taking into consideration the singer’s controversial past with Donald Trump, we wouldn’t be surprised to see a scathing response very soon.

In 2020, Demi had teamed up with Billie Eilish’s brother, Finneas, to record “Commander in Chief”, a song directed at Trump when he was in power.

When many feared that it could “ruin” their career, the singer said they “literally don’t care.”

You can listen to the song here!

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Glória | Official Trailer | Netflix

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