Snoop Dogg stars as The Mandalorian for the new music video of his song ‘Big Subwoofer’ and fans have flooded social media with their reactions.

The rapper and actor, whose real name name is Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr, has been busy with a lot of different work recently.

From his latest cooking TV show with Martha Stewart to viral commercials, Snoop Dogg likes to keep himself occupied.

And now, he released a new music video on his birthday (October 20th) where he takes on the role of The Mandalorian.

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SEE: Snoop Dogg as The Mandalorian

Seeing Snoop Dogg as the Mandalorian is the dopest thing you will see today. The rapper released the music video of ‘Big Subwoofer’ on his birthday, on Wednesday, October 20th.

Doctor Who: Flux | Official Trailer

In the clip, Snoop Dogg has combined rapping and a Star Wars-inspired theme with a cruise around the universe, alien dancers, as well as his celebrity pals.

But unlike Pedro Pascal’s titular character, Snoop gets into a different character by proudly showing his face and keeping the helmet next to him.

The distinctive things in the video are that Snoop’s armour is similar to Lakers colours, while aliens look pretty much like the ones in the film Avatar.

You can check out the dope music video on YouTube or from the link below.

People react on Twitter

As usual, Twitter users haven’t hold back their thoughts about a celebrity and many reacted to Snoop’s portrayal of The Mandalorian. Here are some reactions we’ve gathered.

“My timeline is being blessed by images of Snoop Dogg in Mandalorian armor,” one person tweeted.

Someone else wrote: “Awesome whether liking or not, it brings joy. Right at a time where we need it. Thank you @SnoopDogg (how could anyone not like am being too polite.”

Another person said: “Snoop Dogg pictured on set of the Mandalorian season 3.”

It will be pretty dope to see a cameo from the rapper in the Disney+ series. What do you think?

Snoop celebrated his 50th birthday

In other Snoop Dogg news, the rapper turned 50 years old this week.

His milestone was celebrated by many fellow rappers and celebrity pals such as 50 Cent, Monica, Diddy, Bow Wow, and many more.

Snoop has entertained fans across the globe for three decades and fans have shared messages of love to the rapper on social media.

Happy belated 50th birthday, Snoop Dogg!

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