As speculation over Kendrick Lamar’s possible upcoming album reaches a new level, fans have been revisiting some of his older work.

Many fans have gone back to the rapper’s fourth studio album and his Grammy winning track HUMBLE. and have taken to the internet to discuss the meaning of some of the lyrics.

What does “My left stroke just went viral” mean

In March 2017, Kendrick Lamar released the song “HUMBLE.” as the lead single from his fourth studio album, Damn.

One of the lyrics in the song has confused fans for year and we are here to share some theories about what it could mean. The lyric is “my left stroke just went viral,” and is followed by the following lyrics:

My left stroke just went viral
Right stroke put lil’ baby in a spiral
Soprano C, we like to keep it on a high note
It’s levels to it, you and I know

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B**ch, be humble (hol’ up, b**ch)
Sit down (hol’ up, lil’, hol’ up, lil’ b**ch)
Be humble (hol’ up, b**ch)
Sit down (hol’ up, sit down, lil’, sit down, lil’ b**ch)

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Fans share “My left stroke just went viral” theories

Fans have taken to various sites to share their theories and one Quora user wrote a post explaining:

“From my understanding, the right and left “strokes” are two supposed diss tracks aimed at Big Sean, the right stroke being “The Heart Part IV” released a week before the subsequent left stroke which was the song HUMBLE.”

Someone else discussed the phrase on Urban Dictionary, writing that the lyric is “something Kendrick Lamar made up that only he knows the meaning of and everyone else just accepts and chants… it’s a slam at Big Sean’s failed diss track supposedly.”

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Fans speculate over potential Kendrick Lamar album drop

On October 21st Kendrick Lamar changed his profile picture on Spotify for the first time since 2017, prompting fans to speculate over the status of his next album.

This summer, Lamar announced his final album for longtime label Top Dawg Entertainment in a letter to his fans. Then, Lamar registered new songs with the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, further fuelling rumours.

Twitter page XXL Magazine shared a tweet explaining the situation which read: “Rumors of Kendrick Lamar’s new album dropping tomorrow have begun circulating Multiple new song snippets have leaked over the last 24 hours and K-Dot’s Spotify profile photo was updated (it has since changed back.)”