An aura is described as a spiritual energy field that surrounds all living things, and every person’s aura looks different.

Kathryn Grace, founder an aura reading shop in Santa Monica told MindBodyGreen that “anything alive has an aura.”

Grace also explained that while it may not always be possible to see aura colours, we can usually feel them from a person’s energy and personality.

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How to find your aura colour

Although there are different layers (and therefore different colours) to each person’s aura, every person tends to have one predominant aura colour.

However, your aura can change colour depending on your mood and state of mind. Auras are also contagious, which means that other people’s moods can have a serious impact on your aura.

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Aura colours are visible to a small amount of people but Gerald Heard explained in his book Pain, Sex and Time that the human eye is gradually gaining the power to see these colours.

There are some quizzes online you can do to try and work out the colour of your aura, such as this one.

However, for a more accurate reading you can get your aura read by a professional.

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What different aura colors mean

Positive qualities include: A vibrant life, the ability to overcome any obstacles, a desire to initiate positive change, passion and ambition.
Negative qualities include: A short temper, a bullying nature, frustration, fury.

Positive qualities include: Sociability, motivated, enthusiastic, open-minded.
Negative qualities include: Low self-esteem, an oversensitive ego.

Positive qualities include: A focused mind, sharp memory, clear communication.
Negative qualities include: Hyperactivity, jealousy, sarcasm, spite.

Positive qualities include: Generosity, commitment, a natural healer.
Negative qualities include: Possessiveness, conflicting emotions, stress in relationships.

Positive qualities include: Sensitivity to people, intuition, caring.
Negative qualities include: Self-pitying, stress, isolation, over-sensitivity.

Positive qualities include: The aura of those who follow a unique life path, higher levels of consciousness, and purity.
Negative qualities include: Out of touch with the real world, alienation, obsession with physical perfection.

Positive qualities include: Peacemaker, gentle, kind, tolerant of other’s failings.
Negative qualities include: Martyrdom, consistently needing reassurance.

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