Loza Alexander’s viral ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song just made the move from social media to the iTunes Charts.

So, who is rapper Loza Alexander and what is the chart-topping track? We’re breaking down everything that you need to know.

What is the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song?

Stemming from the ‘Let’s go Brandon’ internet trend following NASCAR star Brandon Brown’s interview, the song pokes fun at the moment the reporter wrongly interpreted the crowd’s chant “F*** Joe Biden” as “Let’s Go Brandon.” 

“As you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go Brandon’,” the reporter is heard saying, unaware of what is really being said.

The music video for the ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song now boasts over 100k likes as the viral trend continues to make the rounds on the internet.

Likewise, in the first week of upload, the video amassed over 1.9 million views on YouTube.

Who is Loza Alexandra, the rapper behind the song?

The mastermind behind the viral ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song is New Jersey-based rapper, Loza Alexander.

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Loza boasts a hefty 14k followers on IG and more than 87,000 subscribers on YouTube

As per The Sun, Alexander is an active Trump supporter and is pro-MAGA.

The artist worked on music before the viral ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song, producing ‘Wake Up America’ and ‘Dear Trump’, according to his Spotify.

‘Let’s Go Brandon’ song shoots to iTunes Charts

Through the mighty power of the internet, the meme-inspired song just moved from social media to the iTunes Hip Hop chart!

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Prior, the rapper had worried that the song would be removed from TikTok before it reached a place in the charts, writing: “ATTENTION news reporters! Tik Tok has threatened to remove my #letsgobrandon viral video that is approaching the number one spot on iTunes top us hip hop records!!!!! Spread the word!!!!”

However, it seems as though all is okay because, briefly, Loza’s track spent a moment at the top of the iTunes Chart.

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