TikTok user sidequesttherapy has come under fire for calling a session with one of her clients a “trauma dump”, thus irking social media users.

The Tiktoker appears to be a therapist who offers to counsel clients virtually.

However, she is being severely slammed for speaking inappropriately of one of her clients. Many have questioned why she chose this profession if she is unable to cope with what a person with mental issues has to share.

TikTok user slammed for “trauma dump” remark

In one of her videos, sidequesttherapy spoke about her client “trauma dumping” in her first session. She captioned it: “Not happening on my watch ever again”.

For the unversed, “trauma dumping” refers to venting to someone in an “unsolicited, unprepared way”. It is when a person “dumps’ their feelings onto someone, who is an “unsuspecting person”, whether it is a close friend or a stranger.

This trait is considered “toxic” and it is unacceptable for a therapist to possess it as it could affect the person on the receiving end. Sidequesttherapy, as social media users have pointed out, is a therapist who should never be saying things like this about her clients.

The fact that she demeaned the patient for sharing their issues has turned many furious.

Who is sidequesttherapy?

TikToker sidequestherapy describes herself as a “Snarky Coffee Loving Therapist”.

While TikTok and Twitter users have shared several screenshots of her videos, she seems to have deactivated her original account following the backlash she has received for her “trauma dump” remark.

The current account under the same handle consists of 21 followers without any bio. Her real name isn’t known either as social media users are referring to her using her TikTok handle.

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

TikTok – Music Colour Trailer

Twitter users slam the virtual therapist

Sidequesttherapy has gone viral for all the wrong reasons as Twitter users have called her out for exposing her client’s issues in an unprofessional manner.

One angry Twitter user wrote, “The audacity to use this term when you’re a literal therapist…….”

“Also add “The person I had to beg my insurance to cover/The person I’m paying money out of my own pocket to see is openly mocking me” Bad enough it’s the therapist, even worse when you add in that you’re essentially paying them to humiliate you without actually saying it’s you,” tweeted another.

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