Houses of Ashes comes out soon and friends will be able to enjoy another horrific multiplayer co-op experience despite its lack of crossplay.

It’s the third instalment in the Dark Pictures Anthology, but you do not need to have played either Man of Medan or Little Hope. All three games are separate campfire stories despite the constant presence of The Curator.

Ashley Tisdale’s first foray into horror will become available on October 22nd, and you will be able to survive its story with your own friends.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Enemy of My Enemy Gamescom Trailer

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes – Enemy of My Enemy Gamescom Trailer

Is House of Ashes multiplayer?

There is multiplayer for House of Ashes.

Similar to other entries in the Dark Pictures Anthology, there is a two-player online co-op mode. This will allow you and a mate to share the same story while controlling different characters and making unique decisions.

There’s also movie night mode which will allow you and four other friends to enjoy local co-op by passing a single controller between one another. Check out Supermassive Games’ website for more information.

Does it have crossplay?

House of Ashes does not have crossplay or cross platform multiplayer.

It’s a tad disappointing that you cannot enjoy two-player online co-op across PlayStation, Xbox, and PC, but this hasn’t been in the series before so its absence isn’t surprising.

For those who plan to play the game alone in a dark room with zero light, we’d still recommend a second playthrough with a friend. This is because the co-op truly shines in these games with you either working together or plotting to spite one another.

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