After Instagram’s major outage on October 5th, the app appears to be down yet again.

Reports are flooding Twitter that people are unable to upload Stories at all, and the constant outages are really starting to frustrate users.

If you’re still experiencing these issues, don’t panic! Keep reading as we delve into the social media malfunctions and explore how to fix your app.

Instagram – Community Voices – Chub Rollz

Instagram – Community Voices – Chub Rollz

Instagram Stories down worldwide

Are Instagram Stories down for you yet again? Don’t worry, you’re not alone.

Just as we thought the errors had passed, they’re back again and just as bad as ever.

Users are unable to upload Stories and are receiving network errors when trying to use the app.

Quite frankly, we’ve all had enough, and these errors are getting really boring now.

Last time, @InstagramComms acknowledged the issues in response to masses of complaints. But this time, they haven’t addressed the outages yet.

That means unfortunately, we don’t know the reason for the Story errors yet, but Instagram is likely to already be working on a fix.

Possible error solutions

Although Instagram has not yet released further support regarding these specific IG Story issues, below we have provided some possible solutions to solve the online error.

Firstly, delete and re-upload the story post.

Try logging out of your Instagram account and re-uploading the desired story once logged back in.

If you haven’t already, re-starting the Instagram application could resolve the issue.

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Or, why not re-install the Instagram app altogether. But remember, this will delete your drafted posts! You should either publish the posts beforehand or save them onto your device.

Re-starting your internet connection or updating the app could also be a possible quick fix.

Alternatively, visit and search for all kinds of support surrounding the social media platform.

Simply use the search bar to find the help you need.

On the site, answers to errors such as “Troubleshoot boosting Instagram stories” can be found.

It could be the new update

Many Instagram users are reporting that the Story errors occurred after they updated the app.

However, at the time of writing this, Instagram has not confirmed whether this is true.

If you’ve tried some of the things above and your app still isn’t working, your only option is to close the app and try again in a few hours.

Hopefully these Instagram outages will end one day!

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