A new Instagram feature has emerged which allows individuals to upload a story asking their followers to share photos.

The feature which is not specific to sunset photos has started a trend that has since been named ‘Drop Your Best Sunset Photos’, where users are uploading their favourite photos of sunsets.

If your feed has been full of these types of photos recently and you weren’t sure why or how to join in, here is your guide to Instagram’s new feature.

What is ‘Drop Your Best Sunset Photos’ on Instagram?

Since the most recent Instagram update, the social media platform has added a new feature in which users can upload photos in an album-like format.

Although unintended to create a trend on sunsets, the new feature appears to be becoming very popular with over one million photos shared so far.

The trend involves one Instagram user posting to their story a caption asking other users to ‘drop your best sunset’. Anyone is then able to add their photo and the chain continues.

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How to ‘Drop Your Best Sunset Photo’

If you want to join in on the new Instagram trend and share a photo of your favourite sunset, it is much simpler and quicker to do than you might think.

To join the trend, first, click on a users Instagram story who has uploaded their sunset photo. As well as the photo itself, you will also be able to see a white box titled ‘Drop Your Best Sunset Photo’.

Once you have clicked on the box, at the bottom of your screen you will see a blue box titled, ‘click here’. Simply click and it will lead you to your camera.

You can either take a photo or upload one from your camera roll and post this like any other Instagram story. Your photo will then be added to the chain of sunset photos.

Twitter reactions to the new Instagram feature

As anyone can look through the sunset photos uploaded through the latest feature, many Twitter users are loving the newest trend.

However, although the sunset trend has dominated our Instagram feeds, the feature can also be used to share photos of any other topic. Although users are enjoying the sunsets, Twitter is calling for a more useful trend.

If you search through other Instagram stories, there are many chains to add to and view to find your favourite part of Instagram’s new feature.

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