House of Ashes is the next chapter in the Dark Pictures Anthology and it comes with a good cast for Ashley Tisdale fans as well as monsters that will be a huge relief for everyone.

This is the third instalment in Supermassive Games’ anthology following on from Man of Medan and Little Hope. Both titles featured familiar faces from the world of Hollywood and Disney, and so did Until Dawn when it came out back in 2015.

Now fans will be combating in caves in horror action that is very reminiscent of the British classic, The Descent.

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes | Character Introduction Trailer

The Dark Pictures Anthology: House of Ashes | Character Introduction Trailer

House of Ashes cast

The cast for The Dark Pictures House of Ashes is as follows:

  • Ashley Tisdale as Rachel King
  • Nick Tarabay as Salim Othman
  • Alex Gravenstein as Eric King
  • Paul Zinno as Jason Kolchek
  • Moe Jeudy-Lamour as Nick Kay
  • Zaydun Khalaf as Balathu
  • Waleed Hammad as Kurum
  • Alex Mallari Jr. as Merwin Lazarus
  • Clare McConnell as Clarice Stokes
  • Sammy Azero as Jose “Joey” Gomez
  • Nabeel El Khafif as Dar Basri
  • Pip Torrens as The Curator

Ashley Tisdale is the most recognisable actor involved because of her days with Disney where she starred in High School Musical and the Suite Life. However, you may recognise some of the other faces involved.

Nick Tarabay was Eclipso in Star Girl and he also featured in Arrow as Captain Boomerang. Clare McConnel was also in Star Trek Discovery as Dennas and she was also Effie Newsome in Murdoch Mysteries.

Of course, fans of Man of Medan and Little Hope will also recognise Pip Torrens as The Curator. He’s the guy who tells us the tale and always scold us for making bad choices.

Ashley Tisdale

Ashley Tisdale plays Rachel King in the game but she is not the only protagonist you will control.

Similar to Supermassive Games’ other tales of horror, you will step into the shoes of other characters and make choices as them. These decisions you make could be fatal for them as well as other heroes in the story.

The five playable characters are:

  • Rachel King
  • Salim Othman
  • Eric King
  • Nick Kay
  • Jason Kolcheck

Check out Supermassive Games’ character introduction trailer to see all of the above in action.

House of Ashes monsters

One of the most exciting aspects about House of Ashes is that the monsters are confirmed as real rather than hallucinations.

You find these creatures as army soldiers in an temple. This temple was built during the reign of Naram-Sin and was an offering of peace to the god of earth, wind, and storms, Enlil. But, when the Akkadian Empire fell, the temple was lost beneath desert sands.

Speaking to PCGamesN, House of Ashes‘ executive producer,  Dan McDonald, said that the monsters are real and inspired by horror films such as Aliens, The Descent, and Predator. He also said that they have a different makeup to humans and that they are built entirely different.

They’re confirmed as not zombies and they are also fast and incredibly difficult to survive. As for how you kill them, you will need to figure out their weakness and origin as bullets may be of little help.