Former Cyprus Prime Minister Ersan Saner has released a statement after a graphic video seemingly showing him in a compromising position went viral online. ]

Saner denied his involvement in the video and claimed that he was the “target of very bad defamation,” as the video was edited. He also said:

“I have always remained faithful towards my duty to protect the peace, unity and solidarity of my family, our party, our people, and their interests.”

Photo by Arda Kucukkaya/Anadolu Agency via Getty Images

Former Cyprus Prime Minister Ersan Saner speaks out on graphic video

According to Cyprus Mail, Ersan Saner explained in a written statement that although there had been rumours circulating that something negative would happen, he didn’t think his enemies would harm his office, his family, and his party.

He reportedly stated:

“I was the target of very bad defamation with this video, which is a product of processing with the maximum use of technology. It is clear that someone wants to prevent me from serving my beloved country, my party, but they do this not through political means but through open attacks. There is a conspiracy designed entirely for this purpose.”

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Cyprus Mail said that Saner also discussed a cooperation with the underworld. He said: “It’s not just me. I, my family, my party and our political institutions were attacked. That is why we continue to assess the situation with our legal advisers.”

Graphic video allegedly involving Ersan Saner goes viral

On Wednesday October 20th, Ersan Saner made headlines after a video allegedly involving him went viral. He has denied that he is in the video and has since claimed that it was edited.

On Twitter, the video has nearly 30 thousand views, and shows what people have claimed is Saner masturbating whilst watching a woman in her underwear.

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