BTS V, aka Kim Taehyung, has been dubbed as the ‘global muse’ of K-pop by K-media thanks to his ‘heavenly beauty’. The title came after a series of international as well as South Korean artists expressed interest in making art/sculptures influenced by BTS V’s out-worldly visual.

BTS V has been an inspiration for a few years now. Korean media often reports artists who have been heavily inspired by Kim Taehyung’s visual as well as personality, which led them to make the ‘Blue and Grey’ maker the ultimate ‘muse.’

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BTS V has been a ‘global muse’ to artists

Kim Taehyung often makes the headlines for being an inspiration to many global artists. This year, an artwork of BTS V was displayed at The Hole Art Gallery in New York City, made by artist Erik Yahnker. The artist used BTS V’s painting as an emblem of pop culture in his oil paintings exhibition called “Heavy Lemons.”

A Japanese illustrator, singer and actress, Shoko Nakagawa, recently shared that she is ‘crazy about BTS V’ and even drew him.

Another Korean media channel, One Touch, shared a Taehyung sculpture. Gushing over the muse, the sculptor said, “His personality is as good as his face. Every time I look at him I smile. To know there is a man with such an innocent face, I’m envious.

The sculptor further added, “While searching for pictures to sculpt V, I was absorbed in appreciating him…There are people who within the category of handsome do not belong to a face type. It’s the most challenging type for me to work with a single color. Such a person is close to a Golden Ratio.

K-media praises BTS V’s ‘heavenly beauty’ that inspires artists

K-media recently highlighted V’s ‘heavenly beauty’ and contribution of being a global muse of K-pop that artists can’t help but fall in love with. A Korean report described his visual as ‘unrealistic’ with an “atmosphere exuding a fairytale-like aura with big eyes, high nose bridge, and excellent eyes, as well as three-dimensional facial features as if his face itself is a sculpture.”

The article also mentioned artists like Jung Hoon-Seong (watercolor artist) and Yoneyama Mai, an animation director and 2D illustrator, whose drawings of V attracted an international audience.

BTS V fans react to Kim Taehyung getting the title of ‘global muse’

Kim Taehyung has got the title of the ‘World’s Most Handsome Man’ numerous times. His fans surely celebrate how the singer’s visual and personality inspires several generations of artists.

A Kim Taehyung fan swooned, “Kmedia calling him taehyung ” NATIONAL TREASURE” and “GLOBAL MUSE”. They didn’t lie.”

A second fan summarized, “#BTSV the global muse that inspires artists. V, who has a unique visual and aura, is also in the spotlight as a ‘muse’, a source of inspiration in various fields such as photographers, musicians, film directors, and fashion directors!”

BTS V’s ‘Sweet Night’ recently become the most-streamed Korean OST of all time on Spotify. Listen to the masterpiece below.

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