While ear-piercing should be an exciting experience enabling individuals to accessorise their appearance using creative body jewellery, it seems as though some people undergo unpleasant encounters.

A shrieking Meadowhall ear-piercing video has recently caused police concerns after the viral footage saw a young girl struggling against both her family and staff in a Sheffield jewellery store.

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Meadowhall ear-piercing video goes viral

A 30-second long video of a young girl having her ears pierced has now been viewed thousands of times throughout social media platforms.

As commotion sounded from a jewellery store in a Sheffield shopping centre, a nearby witness captured a terrifying experience showing a girl struggling against both her family and staff members in an attempt to prevent having her ears pierced.

Two adult women appear to be sitting on the floor to both hold the child still and try to comfort her while a member of staff pierces her ears as the girl can be heard shouting “get off me” while supposedly being restrained.

Another member of staff is also observing despite the young girl showing many signs of distress by crying and screaming.

Although the original footage has now been removed from most online platforms, a user named @mrscjos shared the video onto Twitter.

Where did the incident take place?

The piercing incident took place on 17 October 2021 in Lovisa, a fashion jewellery shop chain that offers ear piercing services in selected stores across the world.

Online, Lovisa state that the practice is performed by fully trained piercing stylists using their state-of-the-art piercing device with health and safety procedures required to deliver the perfect piercing.

Shown in the video is the Lovisa Sheffield store located in Meadowhall, an indoor shopping centre in South Yorkshire, England.

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After a concerned Twitter user questioned what actions the shopping centre is taking since the incident, an official Meadhowhall account named @LoveMeadowhall responded by stating they are working closely with both Lovisa and the police.

South Yorkshire Police concerns

Following an appeal to find the owner of the original video, South Yorkshire Police took to Facebook and Twitter (@syptweet) to thank the community after tracing the footage.

BBC reports confirm that the incident is now being investigated by police.

South Yorkshire Police are reportedly carrying out inquiries with staff at Lovisa.

Speaking to the BBC, PC Craig Crew, from the Meadowhall policing team, said that he had watched the video and understood why many viewers found it “concerning” as he quoted:

“My team and I are now carrying out inquiries with the staff at the store to understand the full circumstances of what happened,” he said.

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