The release date and start time for the Call of Duty Warzone Halloween event 2021 is almost here and there are new Operator skins to anticipate for The Haunting.

It’s been a busy time for the Call of Duty community as Activision recently revealed zombies for Vanguard. Zombies mode looks as stressful and chaotic as ever, and fans will be able to slash and gun down hordes of the undead in early November.

While Vanguard is exciting as the newest chapter in the never-ending FPS series, fans will sooner be able to encounter Ghostface across Verdansk.

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™ | Season Six Battle Pass Trailer

Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War & Warzone™ | Season Six Battle Pass Trailer

What time does The Haunting start in Warzone?

The release date for the Warzone Halloween event 2021 is October 19th and The Haunting start time should be 10:00 PT, 13:00 ET, and 18:00 BST.

None of these hours are official as of writing, but it’s when events typically begin in the Call of Duty battle royale. And Activision uploaded a new trailer for the upcoming celebration on October 18th at the same hours mentioned above.

Warzone Halloween 2021 skins

One of the confirmed Operator skins for the Call of Duty Warzone Halloween event 2021 is Ghostface.

He will be part of a bundle which comes with a finishing move named Violent End. This finishing move will be available for all Operators, and the bundle will also come with two Tracer Round weapon blueprints as well as the Ghost Blade.

In addition to Ghostface, there will also be a Donnie Darko bundle. Although the Jake Gyllenhal film isn’t a horror movie, there’s no denying that Frank the rabbit is pretty terrifying.

The Donnie Darko bundle will arrive on October 24th and include Frank as an Operator skin with the finishing move the Sky is Falling.

Scream Deathmatch LTM

Scream Deathmatch is one of the new modes for Call of Duty‘s Halloween celebrations.

Activision has provided the following description for it along with the return of Infected and Prop Hunt:

Scream deathmatch:

  • In this brand-new mode, two Operators will each become Ghostface with a single mission: find and eliminate all Survivors.
  • The Survivors will have no weapons, so it’s best to find a cozy hiding spot to try and survive the mayhem. Throughout the match, screams of the Survivors will give away their position as the killers close in on their locations.
  • The endgame is like any good horror movie: the killers slash up every Survivor, or a final brave soul rises above to defeat the evildoers.


  • Just in time for the dead to rise again. Eighteen Operators enter, and the Zombie team attempts to turn the Survivors undead.
  • The remaining Survivors win if they beat the clock, or the Zombies win if they turn every Survivor!
  • In a new twist, Survivors will earn a bonus with each zombie they kill: specifically, bonuses to reload speed, ADS speed, movement speed, and slide speed.

Prop Hunt Halloween:

  • This new themed Prop Hunt will see player-controlled skulls, jack-o’-lanterns, black cats, bats, skeletons, and more try to hide from the Hunters in the Nuketown Halloween map.

Black Ops Cold War will also have a new Nuketown Halloween map. Check out the Call of Duty blog for more information.

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