A TikToker shared footage of a woman, who has since been dubbed as ‘Airplane Karen’, using a microphone to deliver quite the speech.

The video has since gone viral, leaving many in utter shock.


someone come get her

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Airplane Karen goes viral on TikTok

Originally posted by user @jawny, a woman is seen on an airplane using a microphone mid-flight.

During the 1:39 minute clip, ‘Airplane Karen’ is heard saying: “I brought my microphone, I’m going to use it.”

The woman in the clip continues, sharing her opinion on the Covid-19 pandemic: “The pandemic started because humans have lost a little bit of faith.”

Captioned ‘someone come get her’, the viral TikTok now boasts over 200k likes and over 2M views.

Photo by ANDREAS SOLARO/AFP via Getty Images

What happened next to the woman with the microphone?

As seen in the viral footage, the woman is asked to sit down and told that she would be handcuffed if she remained standing with the microphone.

‘Airplane Karen’ is heard replying: “You’re going to cuff me? I don’t need to be cuffed. I’m completely harmless.”

Flight attendants are then seen detaining her to the rear of the aircraft. 

At the time of publishing, it’s unclear what happened to the woman after the incident on the flight.

TikTok reacts to ‘Airplane Karen’

Viewers were left shock after the unidentified woman’s Covid-19 rant, and took to the comment section to react.

One person wrote: “She really thought she was gonna do a TED talk during the flight.”

Another commented: “Karens in the air. We call em Airens.”

Somebody else took to TikTok: “Flying is really ranking up there with riding the bus.”

A further user wrote: “Flight attendants don’t get paid enough to put up with this.”

What do you think?

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