American YouTuber Yasmeen Nicole took her fans by surprise today October 19, 2021, as she revealed that she was pregnant! Fans who grew up watching her are wondering how old she is now as the influencer is expecting her first child.

In a video shared on her official YouTube channel, Yasmeen, who is also known as Lil Yas, told her fans that she was eights months pregnant and that her pregnancy wasn’t planned.

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How old is Yasmeen Nicole?

If reports are to be believed, Yasmeen is 18 years old.

According to BioWikis, she was born on February 4, 2003, in Dallas, Texas.

Earlier this year, only two days before her birthday, Yasmeen shared a baby picture of herself, which was taken in 2004.

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Lil Yas is due in three weeks!

Not only did the YouTuber leave her fans baffled by announcing her pregnancy out of nowhere, but she also revealed that she is eights months along and is due to deliver in three weeks.

Yasmeen said her fans had gotten suspicious over the past few weeks as she wasn’t posting any pictures of her body and she thought it was high time she shared the good news with them.

Furthermore, she revealed that she is having a boy. But, the YouTuber said her pregnancy was totally unexpected and unplanned. She’s happy nevertheless.

Yasmeen is due on November 7th and she said got pregnant on Valentine’s Day. But, the YouTuber refused to reveal any further details, including the name of her baby daddy.

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Fans can’t believe the YouTuber is pregnant!

While some fans had already started to predict that Yasmeen had a bun in her oven, many are shocked to learn about her pregnancy.

One tweeted, “I’ve been following Yasmeen Nicole on IG since she was like 15 and now she’s pregnant I’m boutta cry”

Another added, “Not Yasmeen Nicole pregnant omg”

“No way my wifey yas is prego, Lil Yas?,” wrote another surprised fan.

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